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Delta and United Europe deals from SEA, PDX DEN, MCO, MSP Icelandair airports

Yesterday I wondered if low Delta and United fares to Europe were a response to Icelandair low fares? Checking US airports where Icelandair operates Reykjavik routes indicates each of these airports has competitive fares to Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam, UK and Scandinavia from Delta and/or United and their alliance partners. Icelandair has the lowest…

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Frontier $58 SFO to Denver round trip Nov-Dec 2015

Frontier Airlines is offering $58 round trip fares between San Francisco and Denver during first half of December. That low fare is insane. Bag fees are a consideration, but at that fare, even if paying bag fees, you are likely to come out better than any other fare. $29 one way fares SFO-DEN are available…

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