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UA, AA, DL open jaw fares to Southeast Asia. Two countries for less than ticket to one.

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There is a great value open-jaw ticket opportunity with United Airlines and ANA Airlines from United hubs to Southeast Asia airports for as low as $416 round trip. These open jaw fares are an opportunity to ticket your arrival into one country like Bangkok, Thailand and depart from another country like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for less than the price to fly to either Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur round trip.

This deal looks like there is some competition picking up with Delta and American fares dropping to lower prices too for some open jaw itineraries, but United is still the low fare leader for this opportunity at time of writing. Google flights shows Delta fares for about $50 more than United on some open jaw routes, however, the tickets are not bookable online and state see ‘travel agent’.

United Airlines USA Departure Cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Newark

(Washington IAD has discount fares, but in $700s for open-jaw itineraries I searched)

Southeast Asia Cities for Open Jaw: Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and Jakarta or Manila and Jakarta

Departure Dates: Lowest fares September to November.

So far, I have only found lowest fares using one of the three Southeast Asia city pairs listed above for open jaw itineraries. For example, the low fare for Jakarta and Singapore does not come up when combining Singapore with any of the other three cities of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Manila.

For example:

The open-jaw ticket is about $200 less to fly to both Jakarta and Singapore compared to flying United to either Jakarta or Singapore airport round trip as a single destination. Although, Star Alliance partner Air China has LAX-SIN round trip at $480 for these dates Sep 6-20.

A one-way ticket between Singapore and Jakarta is $25 to $49 on September on every date flying Tigerair ($25), Indonesia AirAsia ($26) or Jetstar ($49).

Other fares:

$417 LAX – BKK / KUL – LAX Nov 3-14 United

$462 SFO – BKK / KUL – SFO Oct 3-13 United

$496  LAX – Manila / Jakarta – LAX Sep 6-20 United

$517 SFO – BKK / KUL – EWR Oct 3-13 United (double open jaw)

$527 EWR – BKK / KUL – EWR Oct 3-13 United

$538 IAH – SIN / CGK – IAH Nov 3-14 United

$540  EWR – KUL / BKK – EWR Sep 6-20 United

$569 ORD – MNL / CGK – ORD Nov 3-14 United

$582  DEN – Manila / Jakarta – LAX Sep 6-20 United

$594 SEA – Manila / Jakarta – SEA Nov 3-14 United

$700 Denver – Kuala Lumpur / Bangkok – Denver Sep 14-28 American Airlines

$417 LAX to Thailand and Malaysia

United Airlines  Los Angeles LAX – Bangkok BKK – Kuala Lumpur KUL – LAX

$416.76  Thursday Nov 3 – Monday Nov 14

LAX-BKK-KUL-LAX $417 Nov3-14

$596 Seattle to Philippines and Indonesia

United Airlines Seattle – Manila MNL / Jakarta CGK – Seattle

$596.26 Thursday Nov 3 – Monday Nov 14

SEA-MNL-CGK-SEA $596 UA Nov3-14

$538 Houston to Singapore and Indonesia

ANA Airlines Houston – Singapore  SIN / Jakarta CGK – Houston

$537.69 Thursday Nov 3 – Monday Nov 14

IAH-SIN-CGK-IAH $538 ANA Nov3-14

$700 Denver to Malaysia and Thailand

American Airlines Denver – Kuala Lumpur / Bangkok – Denver

$699.66 Wed Sep 14 – Wed Sep 28

DEN-KUL-BKK-DEN $700 AA Sep14-28

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    If I book a ticket on Ana website from USA and cancel within 24 hrs , will I get a full refund.

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