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Delta and United Europe deals from SEA, PDX DEN, MCO, MSP Icelandair airports

Yesterday I wondered if low Delta and United fares to Europe were a response to Icelandair low fares? Checking US airports where Icelandair operates Reykjavik routes indicates each of these airports has competitive fares to Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam, UK and Scandinavia from Delta and/or United and their alliance partners. Icelandair has the lowest fare for most routes, especially London and Paris, as much as $500 less than Delta or United from Seattle.

USA airports with Icelandair Routes offer fare sales

  1. Seattle SEA
  2. Portland PDX
  3. Denver DEN
  4. Minneapolis MSP
  5. Chicago ORD
  6. Boston BOS
  7. New York JFK
  8. Washington DC IAD
  9. Orlando MCO

Many of these same airports offer low fares to Europe today from Delta and United relative to their fares from other airports around the US.

Icelandair route map

Icelandair route map

Seattle Fares to Europe

London and UK

$591 SEA – London LGW Icelandair No alliance response to London, but United put Birmingham and Manchester UK on sale.

$1,026 SEA – London LHR United, $1,196 Delta

$632 SEA – Manchester MAN Icelandair

$740 SEA – Manchester MAN United

$740 SEA – Manchester MAN Delta

$627 SEA – Birmingham BHX Icelandair

$736 SEA – Birmingham BHX United

$784 SEA – Birmingham BHX Delta  (American is $994)


$688 SEA – Paris ORY Icelandair

$893 SEA – Paris CDG United There are no competitive fares for London or Paris. Delta and United have Brussels on sale.


$685 SEA – Brussels BRU United

$699 SEA – Brussels BRU Delta

$846 SEA – Brussels BRU Icelandair

Delta and United put secondary airports Brussels, Birmingham and Manchester on sale and left Paris and London fares high $1,000+ from Seattle.


$655 SEA – Munich MUC Icelandair

$684-$690 SEA – Munich MUC Air Canada $684/United $690/LH $714

$662 SEA – Frankfurt FRA Icelandair

$684 SEA – Frankfurt FRA Lufthansa (nonstop)


$595 SEA – Zurich ZRH Icelandair

$695 SEA – Zurich ZRH United/Air Canada

$706 SEA – Zurich ZRH Delta


$685 Seattle SEA – Amsterdam AMS Icelandair

$695 SEA – Amsterdam AMS Lufthansa

Portland Fares to Europe

$696 Portland PDX – London LGW Icelandair

$710 PDX – Munich MUC Icelandair

$722 PDX – Frankfurt FRA Icelandair

Fare War with Icelandair

The general idea is any of the Icelandair airports in USA should have low fares today to these same airports I have shown for Seattle and Nordic capitals Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm I did not list in this post. Delta and United have lowered their fares on many of these routes to compete with low Icelandair fares. This is a good time to get a ticket to London or Paris with Icelandair or take advantage of relatively low Delta and United competitive fares during this Icelandair sale.

Loyalty Traveler – Icelandair Boston to Paris $435, London $490 with free Iceland stopover and low United fares to Germany (June 10).

Loyalty Traveler – Icelandair $377 USD Toronto to Paris round trip with free stopover in Iceland (June 9).

Loyalty Traveler – United and Delta fare war New York to Europe routes under $600 round trip (June 9).

Loyalty Traveler – UA/DL/AA Chicago to Europe $494-$641 Sep-Dec, Icelandair ORD London LGW $491 (June 9).

Loyalty Traveler – DL-UA-FI Washington IAD to Europe many $500s airfare deals (June 9).

Loyalty Traveler – DL/UA $444 Washington to Paris, New York $488 Sep 15-Dec 15 all dates (June 9).


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