Fare drop $500s to Frankfurt/Munich/Zurich from SEA, DEN, MSP

The Big Three: AA, DL, UA love affair with Icelandair returns today with some routes in Icelandair USA markets priced lower than they were over the weekend for Frankfurt FRA and Munich MUC, Germany and Zurich ZRH, Switzerland.

These fares are primarily available from second week of September through October, although some routes are through December and others through April 2017.

Seattle and Minneapolis have best fares and American is most competitive from MSP. United is low fare on most Germany routes.

Sample Fares:

Zurich, Switzerland ZRH

$582 Seattle – Zurich United

$596 Seattle – Zurich Icelandair

$706 Seattle – Zurich American

$706 Seattle – Zurich Delta

Munich, Germany MUC

$649 Seattle – Munich United

$655 Seattle – Munich Icelandair

$692 Seattle – Munich Delta

$800s/$900s American

Frankfurt, Germany FRA

$662 Seattle – Frankfurt Icelandair (Sep-Oct)

$684 Seattle – Frankfurt United (Sep-Dec dates)

$699 Seattle Frankfurt FRA Delta (Sep-Dec dates)

$958 American

Minneapolis MSP Fares

Frankfurt, Germany FRA

$587 MSP – Frankfurt Icelandair (Oct dates)

$588 MSP – Frankfurt United (Sep – April dates)

$596 MSP – Frankfurt American (Sep – April dates)

$705 MSP – Frankfurt Delta

Munich, Germany MUC

$575 MSP – Munich MUC United (Sep only) Oktoberfest dates

$580 MSP – Munich MUC Icelandair

$592 MSP – Munich MUC American (Sep-Oct)

$592 MSP – Munich MUC Delta (Sep-Nov most dates)

Zurich, ZRH

$644 United

$656 American and Delta

Denver, Colorado DEN

Frankfurt FRA

$649 United

$696 American and Delta

Munich MUC

$646 United

$692 American and Delta

Zurich ZRH

$734 United

$756 American and Delta

United Airlines Seattle – Zurich, Switzerland

$595.66  Tue Sep 13 – Tue Sep 20


SEA-ZRH $596 UAsite

American Airlines Minneapolis MSP – Philadelphia PHL – Munich MUC

$591.46  Wed Sep 14 – Thu Sep 22 Oktoberfest

MSP-MUC $592 AA Sep13-21

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  1. I was writing an article on low Star Alliance fares in $600s from Seattle to France, Italy and Spain airports and the fares went away midway through my article.

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