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Gray whale migration passing by Monterey

Monterey is one of the great places in the world to be from late December through January. The gray whale migration is the longest migration of any mammal at around 10,000 miles from the summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea of northern Alaska to the winter breeding and calving lagoons on the western coast…

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California Regulators tell Uber and TNCs to stop illegal airport pick-ups and Europe taxis strike

Transportation Network Companies (TNC) is a new acronym I learned today after several news stories about the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) ordering Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and other on-demand ride companies to cease illegal pickup and drop-off services at airports in California. Here is the letter sent to Logan Green, CEO of Lyft headquartered in…

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California Poppy Fields Forever

Today is a thick, chilly high fog layer over Monterey. Summer tends to be the misty, warmer ground fog layer. Even a ten mile drive into Carmel Valley did not get me past the fog layer this morning. Carmel Valley Road about 30 miles southeast of Carmel-by-the-sea. June 2013. The sky looked to be clear…

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Too Cute: Elephant Seal Pup

An elephant seal rookery is located about 85 miles south of Monterey and 50 miles north of San Luis Obispo on Highway 1, the coast road of Big Sur. This is probably the most accessible spot in California to see elephant seals. The elephant seal viewing area is located directly off Highway 1 south of…

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