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California fare war from regional airports to Europe

United Airlines has a major deep discount sale to Europe with ticket prices in the $600s and low $700s from California regional airports serviced by United Express. This is a rare opportunity to book United Airlines tickets from California regional airports to Europe for about the same price, and sometimes an even lower price, than LAX and SFO tickets. This means you can fly out of Fresno or Arcata or Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo to Europe without the expense of traveling to LAX or SFO. Ticket prices are $600s and low $700s to dozens of airports across Europe.

Departure Dates: late August through March 2017

I’ll illustrate this sale by showing fares for late August travel in the same way I did a Business Class fares to Europe survey earlier today. Here are three Google Flights screen shots from Arcata ACV, Fresno FAT and Sacramento SMF to Europe for August 23-31. These airports are inconvenient drives to San Francisco SFO or Los Angeles LAX, yet thousands of Californians do that drive daily to LAX and SFO for international trips, due to the high expense of flying out of California regional airports.

Fares are similar from most California regional airports and there are unlikely any airports more expensive than Arcata/Eureka ACV.

United Airlines $629

Arcata ACV – Dublin, Ireland

August 23 –31, 2016

ACV-Europe Aug 23-31

Arcata is one of the most expensive regional airports in California due to its remote location on the North Coast and 300 miles to SFO.

  • Stockholm ARN $697
  • Oslo OSL $720
  • Amsterdam AMS $725
  • Brussels BRU $728
  • Copenhagen CPH $738
  • Warsaw WAW $747
  • Paris CDG $752
  • Hamburg HAM $763
  • Edinburgh EDI $767
  • Berlin TXL $768
  • Munich MUC $775
  • Frankfurt $787
  • Stuttgart $798
  • London $803

Fresno FAT – Munich, Germany $676 Delta

August 23 –31, 2016

I was surprised to find Delta in a FAT regional airport fare war with United. The best deal I see out of Fresno is $676 round trip on Delta to Munich or $704 to London.

FAT-MUC $676 DL Aug23-31

  • Barcelona $701 American
  • London $704 Delta
  • Madrid $706 American
  • Alicante $726 American
  • Lisbon $728 United
  • Nice $751 United
  • Geneva $724 United
  • Milan $751 United
  • Rome $760 United
  • Zurich $730 United
  • Athens $776

Sacramento SMF

  • Dublin $628 American
  • Madrid $634 Delta
  • Zurich $668 Delta
  • Geneva $686 Delta
  • Frankfurt $692 Delta
  • Manchester $696 Delta
  • Stockholm $697
  • London $704 Delta
  • London $765 British Airways
  • Barcelona $703 United
  • Barcelona $723 American
  • Amsterdam $725
  • Berlin $725
  • Lisbon $729 United
  • Lisbon $742 American
  • Nice $751 United
  • Geneva $724 United
  • Milan $751 United
  • Rome $760 United
  • Zurich $730 United
  • Athens $776

San Francisco SFO fares for same Aug 23-31 dates

  • Istanbul $484 Delta
  • Stockholm $593 Delta
  • Copenhagen $634 Delta
  • Bergen $652 Delta
  • Krakow $662 Delta
  • Stuttgart $663 Delta
  • Munich $671 Delta
  • Belgrade $673 Delta
  • Zagreb $677 Delta
  • Sofia $680 Delta
  • Barcelona $695 American
  • Madrid $697 American
  • Dublin $701 Air Canada
  • Aberdeen UK $714 Delta
  • London $787 American

These are some incredible deals from San Francisco to Istanbul and Stockholm in late August.

Save on Parking Fees for LAX and SFO

I got into this points and miles lifestyle when living in Eureka, California and I regularly drove 300 miles south on Highway 101 to San Francisco when I needed to fly on paid tickets to international destinations. The fares were generally $300+ more when departing from Arcata ACV airport. Frequent flyer miles allowed me to leave from Arcata on award tickets. Actually, I regularly landed auction tickets on Lufthansa to various cities in Europe for $200 to $300 round trip from SFO for a couple years until 9/11 wiped out the New York based auction site

Now I live in Monterey, California. 75 miles south of San Jose SJC and 105 miles to SFO. I fly out of SFO, SJC and OAK Oakland most of the time when traveling internationally. I estimate an additional $100 to $150 for transportation and parking to get to SJC, SFO or OAK on every ticket I fly to Europe.

When I fly out of Monterey MRY airport I save $60 to $100 per week on parking my car at a Bay Area airport. I can leave my house, park my car and be through Monterey TSA security in 25 minutes. Travel to SFO means I have to start driving about 4 to 5 hours before my flight.

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