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United Airlines $710 London and $600s fares to Europe from many California regional airports Nov 2016–March 2017

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United Airlines with fares in low $600s to Barcelona, Paris, Madrid and Rome from California regional airports like my home base of Monterey MRY are far from the norm for California, even in this age of low fuel prices. One of the most significant aspects of the sudden low fares from the USA to dozens of airports in Europe is how low the fares dropped over the weekend from regional airports in California.

American was competing in California regional airports over the weekend with similar fares to United, but now American has retreated to only offering low fares from San Francisco and Los Angeles, while United still has London and Europe on sale from many California regional airports across the state.

From Bakersfield BFL, Fresno FAT and Sacramento SMF in the Central Valley, to the SoCal lands with Ontario ONT, Orange County SNA and San Diego SAN, to the North Coast redwood country with Arcata ACV, and Central Coast with Monterey MRY, San Luis Obispo SBP and Santa Barbara SBA, low fares to places like Barcelona Feb 7-15, 2017 are the same $643 round trip ticket price from any of these airports. The fares are only around $20 to $30 more than flying out of San Francisco. Many of the California regional airports have lower ticket prices to cities like London than the ticket price United has from Los Angeles or San Francisco for the same dates.

This is a fare worth looking into if you live in a California regional airport location. There are not many opportunities to get a ticket to Europe from a California regional airport within $100 of the ticket price from LAX or SFO.

United Airlines California to London Heathrow ticket comparison

  • $710 round trip San Luis Obispo SBP – London LHR for February 7-15, 2017.
  • $710 round trip Monterey MRY – London LHR for February 7-15, 2017.
  • $1,163 round trip Los Angeles LAX – London LHR for February 7-15, 2017.
  • United $1,195 round trip San Francisco SFO – London LHR for February 7-15, 2017.
  • United Express flight from San Luis Obispo connects through Los Angeles.
  • United Express flight from Monterey connects through either Los Angeles or San Francisco.
  • British Airways $690 round trip San Francisco SFO – London LHR for February 7-15, 2017.

Here are sample United Airlines ticket prices from Monterey, California. These fares are likely similar for most other California regional airports I mentioned. I use the dates Feb 7-14 at random. Travel dates are November 2016 to March 2017 with a couple of weeks in December not offering low fares. These fare prices were accurate at time I inserted links from Google Flights.

MRY – Barcelona $643  Feb 7-14, 2017

MRY-BCN $616 Nov2-16 UA

MRY-BCN $616 fare

MRY – Madrid $645  Feb 7-14, 2017

MRY – Amsterdam $634 Nov 2-16, 2016

MRY – London LHR $710 Nov 2-16, 2016

MRY – Paris CDG $667 Nov 20-28 (Thanksgiving week)

MRY – Rome FCO $680 Nov 20-28 (Thanksgiving week)

MRY-Milan MXP $692 Feb 11-18 (Presidents Week for Alps ski season)

These are examples of fare deals available today from Monterey and other California regional airports. Now that Los Angeles and SFO have higher United fares than regional airports and American Airlines is no longer competing, I doubt these low fares will last beyond today.

But I would also never have guessed we would be on Day Four of a USA to Europe fare war.

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