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Where are You From? The Wonder Years

One of the most common questions people ask, particularly travelers, is “Where are you from?” Conversations between strangers often happen by finding common ground on a topic to discuss. Religion and politics and issues can be controversial starter topics. Places are safe to talk about as an ice breaker for words. Hotel travel for me…

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California’s hottest day in 100 years?

Furnace Creek Death Valley National Park in southeastern California may hit 130 F degrees today for the first time in 100 years. The highest temperature ever recorded on earth and officially recognized by international committees of scientists occurred at Greenland Ranch (now called Furnace Creek), Death Valley July 10, 1913 when the thermometer hit 134…

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Capitola–California’s Original Beach Resort

Capitola on the north side of Monterey Bay is where I started this Memorial Day three-day weekend. The little town of 10,000 just east of Santa Cruz is filled with small boutique shops, small independent hotels and cottages and quintessential California beach kids running around with surfboards and skateboards. Yesterday the town looked like a…

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