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Sense Hotel Sofia, Starwood Design Hotel

Sense Hotel Sofia, a member of Design Hotels, is a Starwood affiliated boutique hotel in Bulgaria’s capital city. The 9th floor Rooftop Bar offers terrific panoramic views. The hotel is located one block from Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Bulgaria’s largest Eastern Orthodox cathedral. Sense Hotel Sofia (SPG hotel website) is SPG category 3 at 7,000 Starpoints…

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Old Town and cats of Plovdiv

I expected to see more Roman ruins than I did in Old Town Plovdiv. Two large pieces are the Plovdiv Roman Stadium on the main pedestrian street and the ancient Roman theater in Old Town. Both structures are from the 1st century A.D. That being said, I adored Old Town Plovdiv and probably spent ten…

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Plovdiv cool vibe, warm October night

An energy emanates from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In one word, the place is ‘cool’ or ‘energetic’ or ‘creative’ or ‘ancient’. One word is not sufficient to encapsulate Plovdiv. Plovdiv is no place I had heard of before February 2017. On a free walking tour in Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia last winter, the guide encouraged anyone in…

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Sofia, Bulgaria paper dreams in print

In Sofia, Bulgaria for the second time in 2017, I was interested in walking around to check out what seemed different in October compared to my first trip to Sofia, Bulgaria in late February. The newness of Bulgaria kind of freaked me out that first trip, when I wandered miles and miles walking around the…

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Sofia, Bulgaria Street Scenes

The idea for this post came to me after reading a comment about the neighborhood view from my hotel room at Ramada Sofia looking depressing. Bulgaria is a poor country, one of the poorest in Europe. There are some great shopping deals, some interesting and old architecture, and a culture to experience interacting with people…

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