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Old Town and cats of Plovdiv

I expected to see more Roman ruins than I did in Old Town Plovdiv. Two large pieces are the Plovdiv Roman Stadium on the main pedestrian street and the ancient Roman theater in Old Town. Both structures are from the 1st century A.D.

Plovdiv Roman theater

That being said, I adored Old Town Plovdiv and probably spent ten hours walking up and down its cobblestone streets over two days.

Plovdiv Old Town cobblestones

Clear sunny skies, multicolor structures, art and brilliantly colorful autumn season leaves against a blue sky captivated my eyes.

St Nedelya fall color

Cats of Plovdiv were a bonus feature.

Plovdiv cats-1  Plovdiv cat-2

Plovdiv cat-3  DSC_0597

Plovdiv cat-4  Plovdiv cat-6

I went camera crazy on cats. I photographed around 100 different cats in Plovdiv. Even bought a t-shirt Cats of Plovdiv for my wife Kelley.

Old Town Plovdiv

Old Town Plovdiv is built on hills and accessible from the main pedestrian shopping street.

Plovdiv signs

Plovdiv Old Town-2

I found myself walking around Old Town Plovdiv three different times to capture different light and levels of activity.

Old Town Plovdiv-4  Nebet tepe night

Old Town night   Old Town day

Old Town Gate – Hisar Kapia (13th-14th century from 1st century Roman gate)

Old Town gate-1   Old Town Gate-2

Architecture and beer gardens provided plenty of amusements for a near end of warm weather season excursion.

Old Town 19th cent house  Old Town pub patio

Being in the city on Saturday and Sunday meant I saw a few wedding parties around town.

Plovdiv wedding party

Unfortunately, I also had to try and sleep through a couple of wedding parties at the Ramada Trimontium Plovdiv with wall thumping bass for my 1st floor room until past 2am on both Friday and Saturday.

Plovdiv theater night

Drinking a $2 beer at a cafe outside the Roman theater on a warm October night at dusk counts as one of my trip highlights. The theater from 90 A.D. is one of the best preserved ancient theaters of the world and is still used for performances.

Plovdiv Cat 7

A performance of cats was happening the night of my visit to the ancient Roman theater.