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SPG Hot Escapes with 142 hotels this week

Another Thursday and another list of SPG Hot Escapes with 142 hotels. While the list actually appears each Wednesday, I have pushed my post to Thursday since there seem to be hotels added throughout the day on Wednesday. SPG Hot Escapes rules: Available rates are posted for next six weeks. Teaser rate shown may only…

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Scratching the surface of SPG Hot Escapes

Another week of SPG Hot Escapes limited time rate discounts shows a big list of properties at 185 hotels globally. These hotel rates are available through Saturday, February 22. Also, these rates are prepaid and nonrefundable. A few weeks ago there was a list with over 300 hotels. On the surface, the listing of 20…

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SPG Hot Escapes, book by Feb 15

The list of Starwood Hotels on this week’s SPG Hot Escapes was around 95 hotels yesterday morning and 115 today. These are prepaid, nonrefundable rates available for dates over the next six weeks. The most annoying part of SPG Hot Escapes is the way the hotels scroll. It takes too long to see the list…

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SPG Hot Escapes, book by Feb 1

Another Wednesday and another set of SPG Hot Escapes hotels are out. These are prepaid, discount rates available over the next six weeks. The advertised rates tend to only be for a few dates over the entire booking period. There are 102 hotels listed at time of this post. Hotels drop off and get added…

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SPG Hot Escapes hotel list Dec 18

SPG Hot Escapes has a large selection of 150 hotels in this week’s offers. These are prepaid and nonrefundable rates for stays over the next six weeks. Low rates are only on select dates. Must book these rates by Saturday, Dec 21. Listing 150 hotels is more effort than I want to give today. Here…

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SPG Hot Escapes hotel list, book by Sat Dec 14

Another Wednesday and another list of SPG Hot Escapes limited time offer discount rates. Discount rates are available for some dates over next six weeks, however, the rates shown in list below may only be available for as few as one or two dates. SPG Hot Escapes are prepaid and nonrefundable. No cancellations and no…

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SPG Hot Escapes has low Chicago rates

Another Wednesday and another chance for discount rates with SPG Hot Escapes. This week there are 87 hotels listed at time of this post with 22 hotels in the USA. The system is still a little strange with hotels appearing and dropping off the list each Wednesday which is why you should check back in…

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SPG Hot Escapes Nov 13, 2013

SPG Hot Escapes list is out for this week. There are 64 hotels listed at time of this post. Rather than make a list, this week I will highlight a few hotels where I see great deals. In 2003 I stayed at The Laguna, Luxury Collection Resort in Bali. This was one year after the…

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SPG Hot Escapes hotel list

SPG Hot Escapes is still screwing around with their website. This week the “See All” button is removed which forces visitors to go through each page of properties. I kind of felt that was the website’s intention the first week of SPG Hot Escapes. This week’s change makes that more evident. This weekly promotion seems…

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