Scratching the surface of SPG Hot Escapes

Another week of SPG Hot Escapes limited time rate discounts shows a big list of properties at 185 hotels globally. These hotel rates are available through Saturday, February 22. Also, these rates are prepaid and nonrefundable.

A few weeks ago there was a list with over 300 hotels. On the surface, the listing of 20 to 30% of Starwood Hotels globally looks like a massive promotional deal.

Scratching the surface reveals a different picture behind the cover.

Honestly, I am tired of the set-up for this weekly SPG Hot Escapes offer.

I checked Chicago W Lakeshore showing $98.

SPG Hot Chicago

That $98 rate is available for only one date over the next six weeks, Friday, February 28.  The next lowest rate is $109, only available for nights of March 7-8.

Chicago W Lakeshore Hot Escapes rates over the next six weeks show this range:

  • $98 = 1 night
  • $109 = 2 nights
  • $117 = 5 nights
  • $128 = 1 night
  • $130 = 4 nights
  • $133 = 2 nights
  • $135 = 1 night
  • $143 = 1 night
  • $144 = 6 nights
  • $145 = 1 night
  • $148 = 1 night
  • $159 = 2 nights
  • $160 = 1 night
  • $166 = 3 nights
  • $182 = 2 nights
  • $189 = 1 night
  • $197 = 1 night
  • $199 = 1 night
  • $209 = 1 night
  • $220 = 1 night
  • $235 = 1 night

SPG Chicago W Lakeshore rates

To advertise the $98 rate for the Chicago W Lakeshore is kind of meaningless in the big scheme of things when searching for discount rates. This is more of a hit or miss discount sale that is mostly a miss and takes time to search different properties offering teaser rates. Click on the specific hotel and often the search for the advertised low rate yields only one date out of 42 dates on the SPG Hot Escapes website.

Perhaps you will have better luck finding good discount rates for one of these advertised Starwood Hotels. The latest news from Starwood Hotels is the rates are still climbing in the USA and Europe, but dropping in Asia due to oversupply and weaker demand.

I checked a hotel in China to see if I could find a better result.

Sheraton Fuzhou Hotel in China advertises $98 and that rate is available for the next 8 nights. The rate climbs to $124 for every date in March. Even hotels in China show a  teaser rate to entice you to peek behind the great Starwood SPG Hot Escapes advertising wall.


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  1. When I searched for Athens, I used the compare rate serach and found the Grand Bertagne had a low rate of 254 Euros with a Hot Escape rate of 590 Euros!

  2. I agree that the weekly promo is both difficult to use (design-wise it’s nearly impossible to sort through the “deals”) and misleading as there are few dates offered at the rate advertised. As an SPG Platinum, I think @SPG could & should do a lot better by their customers. I expect more.

  3. One of the many reasons I stopped for the most part staying Starwood
    Numerous promotions that were smoke and mirrors
    In the electronics business they would do stings on companies that put out phony misleading pricing or bait and switch
    Essentially its Starwood all these years later doing business as usual. Its called trust and I moved on long ago feeling ripped off by them. I rarely stay with them
    Poor promotions overpriced room rates
    Did I say their award redemption value is frequently absurd?

  4. so wrong. spg is great for airlibe points. the best. you dont use spg for best deals. not a hotel for that

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