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Hiking the Narrows–Zion Revisited

The Narrows is a slot canyon hike at Zion National Park, mostly walking through the Virgin River. National Geographic ranks hiking the Narrows as one of the top ten adventures in the National Parks. The Narrows is one of the best known slot canyon hikes in the world and ranks as the top attraction for…

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Three Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Last night I was blessed with a sighting of three Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep near Georgetown, Colorado as I was driving Interstate 70. Finally a dream come true after many trips through the Rocky Mountains without ever sighting bighorn sheep. The sighting came as I was driving I-70 going 60 mph at about 10,000 feet…

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Clearest Air in America

The Colorado Plateau is the area in Utah I have been driving for the past three days. A sign I saw today at Capitol Reef National Park stated the air of the Colorado Plateau is the clearest air in America. Though they do add the qualifier of clearest air in lower 48 states. Average visibility…

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Utah Scenic Byway 12 remote beauty

Utah Scenic Byway 12 is a 124 mile road that traverses one of the last areas of the lower 48 states to be explored, mapped and given place names during the second Powell expedition of the Southwest in 1872. Scenic Byways gives a 3-day itinerary for this 124-mile stretch of road. I made the drive…

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Ever seen a hoodoo?

Bryce Canyon has the highest concentration of hoodoos in the world. Modern day geologists say these are sandstone structures created by weather and water erosion. Here is the geology of hoodoos from the Bryce Canyon National park webpage. Paiute Indian folklore refers to hoodoos as “The Legend People”. These were the greedy people who used…

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California oil and water

Chinatown and There Will Be Blood are two Hollywood movies about California’s turbulent history around water and oil. There Will Be Blood is based on Upton Sinclair’s novel Oil, published in 1927, and that story was based on Edward L. Doheny who struck it rich in oil in Los Angeles, California in 1892. The Doheny…

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From KPIG to BAcon–at the starting line

Time to get rolling after wasting a weekend doing house chores and watching the San Francisco Giants sweep the LA Dodgers. Storm clouds are moving into the California deserts and the forecast is the rain and lightning will follow me across California, Nevada and Utah. The weather forecast that predicted two days ago southern Utah…

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Road Trip from KPIG to BAcon 2013 Prologue

Tomorrow is the start of a 3,000 mile road trip from Monterey, California to Colorado Springs, Colorado to attend the first Boarding Area blogger conference called BAcon, hosted by Randy Petersen. BAcon is a private event for BoardingArea bloggers and several other miles and points bloggers including The Points Guy and Million Mile Secrets. This…

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Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

My 18 year old nephew was excitedly talking the other night about how he wants to travel everywhere and experience everything. The conversation is one I wanted to take deeper, but that just wasn’t rationally going to happen after I had spent the previous 15 hours in sensory bombardment in the Disneyland and California Adventure…

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California Spring Season Road Trip

Last week the weather was a sunny 68 degrees when I headed out of Monterey to Highway 101 for a trip to the Southland and a few days exploring Santa Monica and the Orange County Disney Resorts. Spring flowers in the fields beside Highway 68, Monterey Peninsula access road. Big Farmers are artist John Cerney…

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