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Notes from the Atlantic Intracoastal Road

In the past few days I have started writing a dozen stories about St. Augustine, the Golden Isles of Georgia, Savannah, Charleston, plantations, mansions, old oak trees, song birds and slavery. I don’t have the time to sit on the computer writing when I am visiting a place that I might never return to again.…

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Utah Rocks over the Southern Swells

I have driven across Utah six times over the past three years taking six different highway routes through the state. The feature of Utah I bet most travelers don’t realize is how mountainous the landscape truly is across the state. Driving across Utah usually means traveling at elevation of 5,000 to 8,000 feet with peaks…

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No Place Like Home in Monterey County

Yesterday I drove some back roads in Monterey County on the long way home. Since I have written about back roads across other western states this past month, I’ll share a few photos of Monterey County’s alternate route to Carmel/Monterey. Coming from the south the distance is a little shorter than Highway 101/Highway 68 to…

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