Ever seen a hoodoo?

Bryce Canyon has the highest concentration of hoodoos in the world. Modern day geologists say these are sandstone structures created by weather and water erosion. Here is the geology of hoodoos from the Bryce Canyon National park webpage.


Paiute Indian folklore refers to hoodoos as “The Legend People”. These were the greedy people who used up too many resources and deprived other creatures of food and water. Coyote, the trickster, turned these greedy people into stone and nature has eroded their stone bodies.


That is how I interpreted the Bryce Canyon National Park informative display along with this 2-minute NPR story from 2008 about the Paiute story.


Coyote God Sinawava – The Trickster.

I was on the Temple of Sinawava Trail in Zion National Park yesterday when the torrential rain and hail storm hit.

Sinawava played a trick on many of us hiking the Virgin River Trail without proper gear for the weather conditions.


Hoodoo in Bryce Canyon National Park

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  1. Just finished backpacking in Bryce (and did day hiking in Zion). Great part of Utah. Between southwest Utah and the Moab (Canyonlands/Arches) area, it is a very beautiful state!

  2. Was just in bryce on the 7th. Loved the navajo/queens garden trail. Got hailed on 😉 in the morning.

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