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Eclectic Vilnius spring

Vilnius is eclectic. Old Town Vilnius is a place of contrasts with a beautiful church on one street, and on the next street, an abandoned old building, once beautiful, but no longer. Vilnius is a work in progress. Centuries old art all around and compelling new art around the next corner. Graffiti here, philosophy there.
Vilnius is a place I find interesting and gritty. Not scary gritty. More of a decrepit gritty of the old in the process of regeneration into a new form. 7-minute video slideshow.

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5 interesting observations from Lithuania

Most tourists probably have very little knowledge of the small country of Lithuania, the most southerly of the three Baltic nations including Latvia and Estonia. The country has a population of about 3 million and is a member of the European Union. All three Baltic nations use the euro currency. This is my third trip…

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Images of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Summertime in Klaipeda, Lithuania means sidewalk cafe life and beach life are in full swing. This is my second visit to Klaipeda (first time April 2017), motivated by a stay at Radisson Blu Klaipeda as a category 2 Club Carlson reward night at 15,000 points per night. The hotel increased to 28,000 points March 1,…

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White storks of Lithuania

There are about 180,000 pairs of white storks in Europe. Lithuania has about 13,000 breeding pairs and one of the highest concentrations of white storks in Europe. These large migratory birds summer in Europe and winter in Africa, then return to Europe in early spring for breeding. As soon as we hit the stretch of…

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