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Loyalty Traveler Travels 2018 trip report pages

a boat on the water

Today I updated my Loyalty Traveler Travels page with new pages for my four 2018 trips taken so far.

Jan 2018 Key West and Everglades National Park

a street sign on a pole

Feb 2018 Amsterdam

a boat on the water
Bundle up warm for a party boat Amsterdam in February.

June 2018 Copenhagen, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Sopot, Krakow, Rome

a group of people with luggage outside of a building
Welcome to Rome FCO Fiumicino Airport.

July-August 2018 Vienna, Bohemia, Auschwitz, Krakow

a building with a ferris wheel in the background
Wiener Riesenrad

This exercise provided me an update of articles I posted from each of these trips and articles I still should write to fill in the trip reports.

Over the past month I spent many hours putting together slideshows of my travel photos using Windows Movie Maker. The program is pretty basic and I will probably change to a more robust video production software as I hopefully shoot more video clips on my next two upcoming solo trips to Atlanta and Romania later this month and next month.

A couple weeks ago I put together a road trip video from May 2014 when I rented a car in Jacksonville, Florida and drove for a week to Norfolk, Virginia hugging the Georgia and South Carolina coast on my drive to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Hurricane Florence hitting the Carolinas this week with record-setting rainfall totals and widespread flooding had me thinking about how much I enjoyed that week touring the southeast coast during what I learned was called an ‘anticyclone weather event‘ with blue skies and record breaking high temperatures for most of my 7-day road trip.

Another cute and short video I lucked out for last week is a 30 second clip of a sea otter mama and her pup swimming towards me as I stood on Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf.

Always plenty to see at home too in Monterey, California.

a rocky shore with trees and water
Bluefish Cove, Point Lobos State Reserve, Monterey County, California.

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  • Bluecat September 16, 2018

    For what it’s worth, I have a personal preference in seeing photos and short videos of the more offbeat places you visit. For example, Ceske budovice (sp?) and, not just the cool places but also the not so good. Kind of like a video journal of a trip. It would be a nice complement to what you write about.

    In contrast, So many videos online today are “show off” videos. Thumbs down on those.

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