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The rave outside Radisson Blu Strand Stockholm

There are three Radisson Blu hotels in the central Stockholm tourist zone with two hotels near the train station at Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel and Radisson Blu Waterfront and a third hotel, Radisson Blu Strand Stockholm about one mile away from the other two hotels, near the Djurgarden museum island. After a 2-night stay…

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Review Chic Holiday Inn Vilnius

IHG has two hotel properties in Vilnius, Lithuania. I stayed at both of them. Holiday Inn Vilnius was a one night stay for €66.43 ($75 USD). The other hotel is the Crowne Plaza near Vingis Park. Holiday Inn is the more centrally located hotel in Vilnius for a tourist. Crowne Plaza is more of a…

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Hotel Review Radisson Blu Amsterdam

The weather sucked. Rain with a smattering of sleet had fallen on us for about five minutes as Kelley and I walked from the tram line on the Rokin along canal streets, in the general direction that I remembered Radisson Blu Amsterdam being located from having passed by the hotel some ten or more years…

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