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I splurged in Kosice when I saw I could book a Deluxe Suite for $107 at Boutique Hotel Chrysso. In retrospect, I should have booked the $56 cheapest room since the Lux Aprtment suite was far too suite for my one night stay needs as a solo traveler. I felt guilty to have such a fine room in a fantastic location of Kosice without my wife there to share the experience. I felt guilty having three rooms with seating when I basically spent my entire time in the room either at the desk, in the bathroom or in bed. The incredible price and website pictures of the room motivated me to overspend, however, I highly recommend this hotel as a good deal, if you happen to find yourself in Kosice, Slovakia.

I stayed my first night in Kosice at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. I did not even realize the Boutique Hotel Chrysso was right around the corner until I looked out the 10th floor hallway window of the DoubleTree and saw a large sign on the wall of a building directly across the street for Boutique Hotel Chrysso. The hotel was literally a two minute walk from the entrance of the DoubleTree with its entrance on a charming alley around the corner on Zvonárska, a pedestrian alley off the Hlvana, the main pedestrian zone street of the old town – Stare mesto, where most of what there is for a tourist to see in Kosice is located.

Hotel Chrysso 

Check-in was quick and the receptionist led me back towards the hotel entrance through a doorway to a wraparound wooden stairway and the room.

Chrysso Apt Lux

Looking at my photos now, I see I did not even get an image of half of the entry room. It was the space where I kept my luggage on a shelf on one side. I had already been hitting pubs for those 1.30 EUR 0.5 L beers for a few hours by the time I checked into Hotel Chrysso. Here is the most important side of the entry room with window and closet.

Chrysso Entry Room

The entry led into the second room with the desk where I spent much of my room time.

Chrysso desk

Chair, fireplace and desk in second room. Wireless worked great. The bathroom is the entire width of this room with a glass wall, but only partially frosted. The Do Not Disturb sign might be a good idea since the front door looks directly through the rooms to the bathroom.

Chrysso bathroom-1

I recall sitting on the toilet and looking at the amount of empty floor space in the bathroom which is large enough to lay a mattress. That happens to be another angle I did not photograph

Chrysso Bathroom-2

There was a tall glass tube with a large candle for bath ambience if that is a desire.

Chrysson bath 3

I thought it odd to have a large tub with no shower door. Appears to be a Slovakian thing, since I am currently staying in another independent hotel in Slovakia and the bath set-up is similar with no shower doors. Tomorrow I will be in my third independent local hotel to determine if this is truly the norm for Slovakia.

Chrysson bedroom-1

The bedroom runs the entire length of the three rooms on the other half of the Lux Apartment and the second floor windows face over Zvonárska (or first floor in European hotel numbering).

Chrysso flags 

A pair of couches provided plenty of seating for guests and family or even a couch for each partner sharing the room.

Chrysson bedroom couches

A wall of wood looks like a good supply for winter to fill the two fireplaces on both sides of the suite, but I have no idea how or even if the fireplaces function. It was in the upper 80s during my stay in Kosice in mid-September. I was out until after 9pm and came back to the room to windows I had left open. All the businesses and cafes in the alley outside were closed on Sunday, the night I stayed at Hotel Chrysso.

One complaint I do have with the hotel is I left the room shortly after arrival and only walked about 30 meters down the alley when I realized I did not have my reading glasses. I returned to Hotel Chrysson to find my electronic room key did not open the locked front door to the hotel. The receptionist was apparently not at the desk and it was several minutes of ringing the reception desk call line before the door was opened for me. Apparently this is by design that guest room keys do not open the hotel entrance door.

Chrysso minibar

Breakfast Included

The public spaces of the hotel are also aesthetically pleasing. There is a wellness theme to the hotel and it was evident in the healthy food options for breakfast.

Chrysso breakfast room

I wondered if I was the only guest in the hotel? I had not seen anyone else during my time there. My other impression of Slovakia is things don’t really get going until afternoon. I did see several other guests in the hotel around 10am. There are 22 guest rooms at Hotel Chrysso.

Here are some other hotel images I snapped.

Breakfast room atrium ceiling

View through ceiling of breakfast room.

The breakfast room is at the basement level of the hotel.

Breakfast room stairway

I took the wrong doorway to the breakfast room and found myself in a library off the lobby.

Chrysso Library

There is an entire spa aspect to the hotel that I did not investigate at all.

Chrysso central courtyard

The courtyard was a delightful feature in warm September, but I doubt it would get much use in January. The dark building in the background is the 12-story DoubleTree by Hilton Kosice.

Some rooms have balconies.

Chrysso upper floors

The entry hall to the hotel is appealing.

Chrysso Hotel entry hall

But they do need a better key entry system for hotel guests to get back into through the beautiful front door without assistance from the front desk.

Chrysso front door

The rate for my room on the front desk display was 120 EUR. I booked through for $107.50 USD.

Boutique Hotel Chrysso Kosice

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