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IHG has two hotel properties in Vilnius, Lithuania. I stayed at both of them. Holiday Inn Vilnius was a one night stay for €66.43 ($75 USD). The other hotel is the Crowne Plaza near Vingis Park. Holiday Inn is the more centrally located hotel in Vilnius for a tourist. Crowne Plaza is more of a residential and park area and about a 20 minute walk into the tourist parts of Vilnius.

Holiday Inn Vilnius ext

Holiday Inn is close to the Neris River and also near major bus stops for the city for easy transportation to and from airport or other areas of the city.

HI Vilnius lobby bar seating

The entrance to Holiday Inn Vilnius is located on Kalvarijy Street, one block from one of the main city bridges crossing the Neris River. Old Town Vilnius across the river is about ten minutes walk from the hotel.

HI Vilnius bar

Holiday Inn Vilnius lobby bar.

I was given one free drink coupon for the bar, but I only went to the bar to get ice for my room. Unlike Crowne Plaza Vilnius, there are no ice machines on the guest floors. There was no problem asking for ice at the bar.

HI Vilnius lobby 3

HI Vilnius lobby-2   HI Vilnius Lobby-1

Holiday Inn Vilnius has colorful character. Crowne Plaza Vilnius seemed an old school style hotel and kind of sterile atmosphere after four nights and it was refreshing to feel we were in a more lively part of Vilnius at the Holiday Inn.

Amber at Holiday Inn

Amber is the local specialty item prominent in Vilnius tourist gift shops. We saw some remarkable craftsmanship in amber products like jewelry boxes and $3,000 amber tiled and carved chess sets.

Would you believe that Kelley found the amber jewelry pieces she wanted to buy at the hotel? We had looked at amber jewelry in several stores around Vilnius. The prices at the Holiday Inn were comparable.

HI Vilnius map

Holiday Day Inn Vilnius is north of Neris River. Old Town Vilnius is across the river and about ten minutes walk east. Crown Plaza is located almost where the E272 sign is beside Vingis Park on the wet side of map south of river. It is about a 30 minute walk between the two hotels.

Holiday Inn Vilnius Room 703.

HI Vilnius Room 703   HI Vilnius 7th floor

In a bizarre Vilnius coincidence, we had the same room number at both Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Vilnius.

HI Vilnius 703-1

The round column in the room is actually the bathroom shower.

HI Vilnius 703 desk

Holiday Inn Vilnius 703 desk. Notice the Vilnius city skyline is illuminated in shadow above the bed.

HI Vilnius 703 bed

HI Vilnius tv

TV was smaller than TV at Crowne Plaza, but had more English channels. Crowne Plaza Vilnius only offered BBC, EuroNews and CNN and the stories on BBC and EuroNews repeated about every 15 minutes. Holiday Inn had some Discovery Channels. There would be no problem installing a larger TV on the wall. The curtains on the wall are purely decorative with nothing but white wall behind them.

HI Vilnius closet

Holiday Inn Vilnius closet is without a solid door. A folding screen is used instead. There was space in the minbar for our personal items.

HI minibar   HI Vilnius coffee

HI Vilnius Iron

The room window opened, but on a windy day it kept slamming shut. We stuffed a towel in the window to keep it cracked open for fresh cool air.

Vilnius downtown

View from 7th floor hall window shows the business district of Vilnius. Radisson Blu Lietuva Vilnius is white skyscraper on left.

From our room we could see the buildings on the right side of the road. Looking straight out the window gave this view of a large residential area on the north side of the Neris River.

HI Vilnius 703 view


HI Vilnius toilet   HI Vilnius sink

HI Vilnius shower

There is no shower stall door. If you think the half-doors on European tub showers are messy, this shower wins for water on the floor. A secondary drain is under the sink so I imagine the floor is sloped. A cool feature of the bathroom floor is it was heated and warm under our feet.

Holiday Inn Vilnius Mini-Gym

The 7th floor is the top floor of Holiday Inn Vilnius. The mini-gym was by our room.

HI Vilnius gym-1   HI Vilnius gym2

Breakfast at the Rib Room included in our room rate

The hotel has a nice restaurant and breakfast room. There were plenty of items to choose from for breakfast including salads and sandwich meats.

HI Vilnius food-1   HI Vilnius food-2

HI Vilnius food 3   HI Vilnius food-4

The seating was comfortable and classic rock music was playing in the restaurant.

HI Vilnius restaurant   HI Vilnius Rib Room

Our one night stay at Holiday Inn Vilnius showed me a hotel that I can easily recommend as a good place in Vilnius. There is an urban chic to the hotel. There are signs in the elevators promoting the hotel’s green energy environmental actions.

Best of all for me was this one $75, along with my $40 hotel night at Holiday Inn Leiden, Netherlands in January and a Points and Cash stay at The Venetian Las Vegas completed my IHG Rewards Club Accelerate tasks to earn 26,300 bonus points in IHG Rewards Club.

HI Vilnius bar

Holiday Inn Vilnius bar.

HI Vilnius bar matrix

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