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$329 junior suite for 8,000 points Clarion Collection Pacific Grove review

Clarion Collection Pacific Grove Queen Suite photos and hotel review.

Pacific Grove, California has wonderful May days

The Monterey Peninsula gets some serious tourism with a couple million visitors throughout the year. Tourism here peaks June to August, but May is still relaxing for me in the weeks before the crowds pick up and travelers fill the

Pacific Grove and the Sea Around Us

Monterey Bay is a world famous vacation destination. There are around 200 hotels and B&Bs within ten miles of Monterey. Landscapes, seascapes, marine mammals and pine forest are outdoors attractions. Regularly I take a walk, snap some photos and show

Monarch Butterflies of Pacific Grove

The Monarch butterflies are here once again at Monarch Grove Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, California, self-proclaimed “Butterfly Town, U.S.A.” The fascinating aspect is the thousands of Monarch butterflies resting in the trees in an area not much larger than a

Pacific Grove: Rivers of flowers to the sea; Fort Ord: my birthplace National Monument

I like to talk up the place I live – the Monterey Peninsula of Central Coast California. This is another one of my posts that has nothing to do with hotels. This post does share some of the great attractions

Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove

Lovers Point is one of the most popular coastline destinations in Pacific Grove. The park offers visitors a beach, sand volleyball court, kids wading pool (seasonal) and a rocky outcrop for climbing around.   There used to be two restaurants

Pacific Grove Coastal California Scenery

Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach are the western front of the Monterey Peninsula. Pacific Grove is the northwestern portion and Pebble Beach is the southwestern portion of the arm of forested land reaching out into the Pacific Ocean of Monterey

Massive landslide destroys Pacific Coast Highway 1 in rural Monterey County

A massive landslide dropped a mountainside of dirt and rocks on the Pacific Coast Highway 1 in rural southern Monterey County, California this past weekend. The highway is buried under 40 feet of debris for 1/4 to 1/2 mile and

Are hotels across the USA closing quickly enough to slow the spread of Covid-19?

Hotels across the USA and many other countries have closed or have plans to close down. Recent hotel industry data indicate hotel closures across the USA may not be happening quickly enough. Hotel News Now – Inside weekly US data:

Best Western Rewards 56K and 70K is not program’s primary reward devaluation

Best Western Rewards has made its biggest change to reward nights in more than a decade. This article covers three different aspects of the changes. The most reported change is the introduction of new high end reward rates at 56,000