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Monterey off-season

November is the beginning of off-season tourism around Monterey, California. Traditionally November means the start of the California rain season where five to six months offer rain showers and potential for major Pacific storms on the Central Coast of California.

InterContinental Monterey pool view room, he jokingly bragged

A pool view room with balcony at InterContinental The Clement Monterey, a 70,000 points IHG property on the Pacific Ocean waterfront of Monterey’s Cannery Row, seemed like an opportunity to celebrate a big score for my free Chase credit card

Touring and dining around Monterey and Big Sur

The first week of October my family came to visit me in Monterey. I spent four days living like a tourist in and around my home town with hotel stays, sightseeing and several restaurant meals. Here are some photos from

Loyalty Traveler – California

California Travels Sierra Nevada Mountains Rafting Tuolumne River Wilderness with SierraMac. Mark Twain’s legacy in Calaveras County, California jumping frogs at Calaveras County Fair (May 24, 2014) Rafting the Tuolumne River Wilderness (May 24, 2014) 18 miles with Sierra Mac River Trips

Loyalty Traveler Travels

This is a collection of posts from countries and states, cities, hotels, airports, parks and museums where I have traveled on Loyalty Traveler trips over the past decade. My trip reports focus on cost of travel, hotel and flight reviews

Monterey in May means seal pups and humpback whales

Plentiful sunshine is a gift of Monterey in May. These are the weeks before peak summer tourism season days really ramp up and makes driving Highway 1 south to Carmel and Big Sur a drag for local residents. And these

Choice Privileges 2018 $4,400 in reward stays for $1,123 in points

Choice Privileges is selling points at 30% discount through February 22, 2019 reducing the price of points from $11.00 to $7.70 per 1,000 points when you buy 5,000 to 50,000 points. Choice Privileges has an annual purchase limit of 50,000

IHG and Choice Buy Discount Points offers

IHG Rewards Club and Choice Privileges both have buy discount points promotions this month. IHG Rewards Club 100% bonus points through November 30 is a great price. Choice Privileges 25% off points purchase through November 26 is primarily useful if

My 2018 hotel redemption values for 52 hotel reward nights

Hotel loyalty points have no value until you redeem them for something of value. This article examines the value of hotel loyalty program points based on my 60 reward nights in 2017 and 52 reward nights so far in 2018.

Monterey Jazz Festival Hotel Reward Nights challenge across loyalty programs

One of the best known events in Monterey, California is the annual Monterey Jazz Festival and the weekend of September 21-23 is the 61st annual jazz fest. This post compares hotel reward rates as an alternative to the high priced