Monterey Peninsula

Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove

Lovers Point is one of the most popular coastline destinations in Pacific Grove. The park offers visitors a beach, sand volleyball court, kids wading pool (seasonal) and a rocky outcrop for climbing around.

a sign on a post next to a body of water
Lovers Point park, Pacific Grove, California.


a sand volleyball court with trees in the background
Sand volleyball court at Lovers Point, Pacific Grove.

There used to be two restaurants next to the park, but both are currently out of business. This is some of the most expensive real estate in the area and the restaurant business does not seem to thrive in the Lovers Point location. There is a snack bar stand by the beach and picnic tables in the grassy area of the park. There are public access toilets in the grassy field.

a tree next to a body of water
Picnic tables in Lovers Point Park.


Lovers Point Park is one terminus of the ten mile Monterey Bay Coastal Trail offering a dedicated paved path for pedestrians and cyclists from Pacific Grove to Marina along the southern side of Monterey Bay.

Lovers Point Park is a 4-acre park at the end of 17th Street in Pacific Grove. This is one of two grassy landscaped parks on the coastline of Pacific Grove. Berwick Park is located on Ocean View Blvd. between 9th Street and Carmel Ave. Curbside parking is unmetered and unrestricted alongside Ocean View Blvd. adjacent to the park. This is a popular stretch of parking real estate for visitors to Cannery Row and Monterey Bay Aquarium who do not want to pay parking garage fees or $1.50 per hour parking meter fee to park in Monterey.  The Aquarium is less than ten minutes walk from Berwick Park.

a grassy area with trees and water in the background
Berwick Park, Pacific Grove, California
a statue of a seal on a pedestal
'Life at the Top' Sea Otter Sculpture by Pacific Grove artist Christopher Bell (1994)

The Pacific Grove history mural is located on a wall beside the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail adjacent to Berwick Park. This is one of the best locations in Pacific Grove for viewing big waves from the comfort of a bench and the safety of elevated ground.

waves crashing against a rocky shore
Pacific Grove wave action Jan 20, 2010

The water is usually much calmer and Lovers Point is one of the few places where it is reasonably safe to let children wade in the water. The water here is cold and few people swim in the ocean for more than a couple of minutes without wearing a wetsuit. Generally the children are most likely to play in the water while adults watch from the warmth of the sandy beach.

a beach with people swimming in the water
Lovers Point Beach (May 2010)


a group of people walking on a path by a body of water
Lovers Point jetty with Monterey and Mt. Toro in distance Jan 2012.


Lovers Point has an east facing view that is brilliantly sunny during the day. The positional location in winter means the sun dips behind the hills dividing Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach, leaving the beach in shadows in late afternoon.


May is an ideal month to visit the area when iceplant flowers bloom and the seaside view brightens with dazzling displays of color.


a field of purple flowers by the ocean
Pacific Grove iceplant flowers in May.




waves crashing against rocks on a rocky shore
Major storm waves seen from Lovers Point January 2010.



a person surfing on a wave
Lovers Point stormy weather big wave surfer - Jan 19, 2010.

Lovers Point is a beautiful location on the Monterey Bay shoreline to relax, spend time in the sun or fog and enjoy the seaside life of Pacific Grove.

a statue of a butterfly on a grass field
Butterfly sculpture in Lovers Point Park, Pacific Grove, California.



a group of people on a beach
Tide pooling during low tide at Lovers Point January 2012.




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