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Forever Resorts for parks stays and adventure

Forever Resorts is one of the main lodging concessionaires at National Parks and Recreation Areas in the USA with more than 20 lodges in 11 states. The company also has adventure tours in some locations. Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim – Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Mormon Lake Lodge – Mormon Lake, Arizona Pinewood…

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Utah Rocks over the Southern Swells

I have driven across Utah six times over the past three years taking six different highway routes through the state. The feature of Utah I bet most travelers don’t realize is how mountainous the landscape truly is across the state. Driving across Utah usually means traveling at elevation of 5,000 to 8,000 feet with peaks…

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TBEX Toronto via Death Valley-Part 2

Driving across Panamint Valley I was greeted by Coyote. There are extensive stories about coyote in Native American stories and the symbolism is mentioned here and here.  I read several stories about Coyote in Paiute, Shoshone and Navajo folklore while touring Utah’s National Parks earlier this month. Many years ago I had an intense encounter…

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