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Where are You From? The Wonder Years

One of the most common questions people ask, particularly travelers, is “Where are you from?” Conversations between strangers often happen by finding common ground on a topic to discuss. Religion and politics and issues can be controversial starter topics. Places are safe to talk about as an ice breaker for words. Hotel travel for me…

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Street scenery in Berlin

Being in a foreign city generally means I walk for miles and miles. A nice hotel room and bed is great for the night hours. During the day I want to see how people live in the place I am visiting. This post is a photo essay showing street scenery in Berlin. Some of these…

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Berlin (Don’t) Tear Down this Wall

Outside the Ostbahnhof, East train station in Berlin, is the East Side Gallery, a 1.3 km stretch of the Berlin Wall covered in 106 murals and thousands of pieces of graffiti on top of the murals. I read East Side Gallery is the second most visited tourist site in Berlin. Tourists at the East Side…

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