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Street scenery in Berlin

Being in a foreign city generally means I walk for miles and miles. A nice hotel room and bed is great for the night hours. During the day I want to see how people live in the place I am visiting. This post is a photo essay showing street scenery in Berlin. Some of these…

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Berlin blocks II

Backtracking to The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe was one of the last excursions I made in Berlin after six days in the city. This memorial pulled me in like a magnet. I gravitated to the slabs for their aesthetic structure and feel. 60 hours earlier I tripped-out Night walking through Berlin blocks.…

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Treasures of Museum Island Berlin

When Hitler came to rule Germany in 1933, the city of Berlin had a population of 4.5 million. Palaces, cathedrals and museums filled the German capital. Two years of Berlin being bombed took its toll on many of the grand buildings. Berlin, 70 years later, is still a skyline filled with construction cranes. There are…

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Night Walking through Berlin Blocks

A field of concrete slabs rise up from the ground. An orderly array of stones in straight lines. Space to walk between them. Entering the array, the concrete slabs are low to the ground. Distant light from surrounding streets illuminates Berlin blocks at night. This field of blocks appears empty of people. Who would venture…

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