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Why Are Hotel Loyalty Programs Being So Generous?

If you think being underwater $100,000 on your home mortgage is bad, imagine trying to sleep at night thinking about how your $400 million hotel investment has lost $100 million in value with the real estate crisis of the past two years. The western playground of Scottsdale, Arizona has newly opened hotel properties like the…

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Multinational Hotel Rewards Programmes 2009

The more complex programmes become, the harder it is for consumers to compare them.   “The average consumer will not try and work out return on spend (the monetary value of earning points), never mind factoring in the value of value-added services, such as, early check-in or access to an executive lounge,” Conradie maintains.  …

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Are Loyalty Travelers disappearing? I don’t think so!

The hotel industry is abuzz this week with survey results indicating travel loyalty program participation is declining in 2009.  Results of a new Colloquy survey showed only 48% of respondents would be “disappointed” if their travel loyalty program was discontinued. Obviously, these are travelers who do not use their frequent flyer program or hotel frequent…

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Popularity of Chain-Affiliated Hotels Waning?

Popularity of Chain-Affiliated Hotels Waning? A national travel survey 2009 National Travel Monitor by Ypartnership/Yankelovich states travelers have increased preference for independent hotels by 6% over the past year. The chain-affiliated hotels do not need to fret too much as 4 out of 5 leisure travelers still prefer brand name hotels, but the survey indicates…

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