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Hotel Points-to-Miles Conversion tables for 9 hotel programs and 7 U.S. airlines

[July 1, 2010 update: Marriott Rewards and American Airlines AAdvantage ended their relationship as of June 30, 2010. Marriott Rewards members can no longer earn AAdvantage miles through the program.] After giving the points-to-miles exchange some more thought since my post on Sunday, I have created simplified points-to-miles conversion tables. Here are tables showing hotel…

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Haiti Earthquake Relief Loyalty Program links

There are some updates for hotel loyalty point donations from the post I made a week ago. WebFlyer has a page with links to the hotel programs and several airlines and credit card donation avenues. WebFlyer –  Donate Cash or Miles/Points to Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts Several additional items to note since last week’s post.…

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