Haiti Earthquake Relief Loyalty Program links

There are some updates for hotel loyalty point donations from the post I made a week ago. WebFlyer has a page with links to the hotel programs and several airlines and credit card donation avenues.

WebFlyer –  Donate Cash or Miles/Points to Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

Several additional items to note since last week’s post.

Priority Club does not show the monetary contribution for a 10,000 points member donation on its website. The official IHG social forum Priority Club Connect states 10,000 points will result in a $40 contribution according to emails received by IHG Priority Club members.

Hilton HHonors has posted they will match member donations to the amount of $250,000. I received an email from a representative at Hilton Worldwide Global Headquarters stating over 5,000 members have donated $128,000 in points in just four days. https://www.hiltonhhonors.com/processLanding.aspx?lp=intlfedredcross

Best Western was the one hotel program that did not offer Red Cross as a charity option. Honestly, I was not familiar with World Vision before seeing the points contribution offer on the Best Western site last week. After a week of extensive news coverage I have seen several interviews with World Vision workers in Haiti. The World Vision organization has a strong presence there.

Best Western Rewards has also added some points options since last week that show 5,000 points will be converted into a $20 donation to World Vision Haiti Relief Effort.

Hyatt Gold Passport, 5,000 points = $40 American Red Cross

Hyatt Hotels was a major chain left off my list last week. Since then Hyatt has very discreetly announced donations of 5,000 points will be converted to $40 donations to the Red Cross. There is nothing posted on their website. I was told by a Diamond Desk customer service representative they are relying on Twitter and FlyerTalk for spreading the word.

Well, I can’t find anything on Twitter regarding Hyatt Gold Passport’s offer. I missed the FlyerTalk thread from January 17 announcing the Haiti Relief Red Cross donation option since it basically died after a few comments, but then I found it today. So here is my attempt to help Hyatt spread the word for its Haiti Relief donation opportunity.

To donate Hyatt Gold Passport points email goldpassport@hyatt.com or call 1-800-228-3360.

Please check WebFlyer’s page with hotel, airline, and credit card links for other Haiti Relief donation opportunities.

Please don’t leave comments analyzing the cost-benefit value of donating points or miles versus cash.  I am disappointed that most of the threads on FlyerTalk are filled with comments about the poor value for points and miles donations. In my opinion, Haiti earthquake relief is an issue beyond point valuation.

Feeding, housing, and caring for millions of people in dire circumstances is a humanitarian effort. Points and miles are an option for giving that does equate to real money being made available for real people needing assistance now.

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