IHG Accelerate summer 2019, another promotion rollout clusterf#*k

You are not alone IHG Rewards Club member. There are many of us, probably thousands of us, who can’t see our IHG Rewards Club Accelerate Summer 2019 tasks yet.

While it is annoying, don’t fret. IHG Rewards Club is notorious for promotion roll out clusterfucks. I kind of expect IHG Rewards Club to screw up a promotion roll out after experiencing so many fiascos over the years.

This morning I looked forward to checking out my new IHG Accelerate offer for stays May 1-August 31, 2019. The new promotion was rolling out on the travel blogs. When I went to register for my own offer the message came back “We’re sorry, but you’re not eligible for this campaign.”

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate summer 2019

I checked FlyerTalk to read the experience of others trying to sign up for IHG Rewards Club Accelerate. At the time of this post far more comments describe the situation I experienced compared to members posting their Accelerate tasks.

So I was surprised to see an email from IHG Rewards Club stating I was registered for IHG Accelerate May 2019 and seeing the Accelerate May 2019 offer listed in my account on my ‘Offers’ page.

Yet, when I clicked on the promotion link I still saw a page with no Accelerate task details.

Since the promotion does not start until May 1, my expectation is this delay in seeing my Accelerate tasks will be resolved by tomorrow night. Though I won’t be too surprised if it takes a day or two longer.

Looking back to September 2014, I read through once again my articles on IHG Rewards Club ‘Into the Nights’. These posts remind me how long IHG has struggled to roll out a loyalty promotion smoothly. That Into the Nights promotion was so messed up that my published tasks changed six weeks into the promotion.

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Why do I even bother with IHG Rewards Club promotions?

Quick answer is IHG Rewards Club has some of the most lucrative promotions each year. In the past six months I earned over 100,000 IHG Rewards Club points on 6 paid nights spending $550.

As far as that IHG Rewards Club Into the Nights clusterfuck in 2014, in the end the tables turned in my favor when IHG Rewards Club posted four free nights to my account instead of the maximum 2 nights per member. I spent $235 on two paid nights and redeemed 4 nights for stays at InterContinental London Park Lane, InterContinental Boston and InterContinental Le Grand Paris.

Loyalty Traveler (Jul 11, 2015) – Into the ‘Free’ Nights at InterContinental London Park Lane

Loyalty Traveler (Jul 23, 2015) – On the Waterfront at InterContinental Boston

Loyalty Traveler (Sep 30, 2015) – InterContinental Le Grand Hotel, a storied institution of Paris

Loyalty Traveler (Dec 2, 2015) – Bed time at InterContinental London Park Lane

Together Kelley and I spent $650 on 6 paid hotel nights in 2014 and earned 6 free hotel nights we redeemed at InterContinental hotels in Boston (2 nights), London (3 nights) and Paris (1 night) in 2015 when the combined rates for those 6 nights was more than $2,000.

IHG Rewards Club promotions are annoying, but the hassle is often a worthwhile endeavor.

I expect to see my Accelerate tasks tomorrow for bonus points opportunities with stays from May 1 to August 31, 2019.

Hopefully Accelerate Summer 2019 will be worth the wait.



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  1. Same issue here, registration error, received confirmation email, saw empty screen of tasks.
    Today, the offer is gone altogether from my account, not expecting it to be fixed by May1…sigh ..

  2. Thanks for the information. This is the first time I’ve had trouble registering and was going to call IHG about it. Will simply chill now.

  3. I see the same. But really, is it worth the foul language? Since when did that become common-place and acceptable?

  4. My email

    31,900 bonus if I complete all

    1 6600 1 bonus point stays
    2, 8400 2 brands
    3. 4000 for a 4+ night stay
    4. 5600 for 2 weekend stays
    5. 2800 stay at 3 IHG hotels
    6. 4500 for 1 pts+ cash stay

    Only 2 and 6 do I see myself doing –could do 5 if pts+cash counts as a stay. It might not.

  5. My offer for 37,700 points came through today. I like it and plan to complete 5 nights this summer for potentially 40,000 points for $320 to $600 depending on how upscale I want to stay in the places I will be visiting around Europe.

    Post to come.

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