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Dealing with IHG Into the Nights Fiasco

A week ago my IHG Into the Nights offer for two free nights changed from five tasks requiring only three nights to complete and earn two free nights with IHG in 2015 to six tasks requiring either a minimum seven nights or IHG stays in two countries outside the USA.

IHG came out with a statement last week that some members received the incorrect offer upon original registration in September and some members, like me, saw their tasks change last week, some six weeks into the four month promotion. IHG states the new offers are the correct offers. Some members report on FlyerTalk their offers reverted back to the older tasks assigned at registration.

My tasks completely changed last week from the original offer I received when I registered September 5, 2014. I mentioned on my blog My IHG Rewards Club Into the Nights offer (Sep 5, 2014) that I had difficulty all day when trying to register for IHG Rewards Club Into the Nights promotion on the previous day. My offer looked easily achievable to me with three hotel nights including two Holiday Inn Saturday night stays.

IHG has not reverted my offer back to the original offer I received upon registration in early September.

I find myself in a state of confusion dealing with IHG Into the Nights fiasco, since I already booked two Holiday Inn hotel Saturday night stays to meet the terms of the original five tasks for two free nights. My first hotel stay reservation is two weeks away.

IHG Into the Nights tasks
Original tasks presented for my account when I enrolled in IHG Into the Nights promotion on September 5, 2014.

I downloaded the IHG app and booked a Holiday Inn stay for a Saturday night. I booked a second Holiday Inn stay for Saturday night. I had a third stay at another Holiday Inn IHG booked for two nights. Three stays with four nights would have completed all five of these tasks.

But now, as of a week ago,  I have a completely different set of offers to complete IHG Into the Nights.

IHG IntotheNights tasks-2

IHG Into the Nights offer had six new and completely different tasks linked to my account last week. The different tasks required a minimum of 7 nights or 10 stays booked via the app. I needed to complete 5 of 6 tasks to earn 2 free nights which meant my previous offer requiring a minimum of three nights to complete was increased to a minimum 7 nights to complete. At this point I was ready to quit the promotion chase like many other IHG Rewards Club members have done.

Then, the offer changed again in the past couple of days for the IHG mobile app booking from 10 stays to one stay booked via the mobile app.

IHG Into the Nights Tasks-3

Looks like I will cancel all my IHG hotel reservations and start over again with my current offer for completion of five tasks to earn two free nights.

This set of tasks can actually be completed in two hotel nights as long as I globetrot to two different countries for IHG stays. Lucky for me I have a November trip planned to Dublin and London. The last time IHG did this kind of multi-task promotion, I had a task requiring hotel stays in Europe when I had no plans to be in Europe.

Why Not Just Walk Away from IHG Rewards Club?

This IHG Into the Nights promotion is the biggest screw-up I have seen in my years of analyzing hotel loyalty promotions. I would simply walk away from this IHG Into the Nights offer if I did not have a trip to Europe planned next month allowing me to complete my current tasks with only two paid hotel nights.

Since I only need to complete five of six tasks, I can skip the 7 nights at IHG hotels task and stay in Dublin and London for one night each with one stay booked for a breakfast rate and one stay booked using the IHG app. Completing the IHG survey and applying for the IHG credit card do not require a hotel booking. I can complete all five tasks with two paid hotel nights.

The reason I will continue with this IHG Into the Nights offer is I already have airline tickets booked to Copenhagen for July 2015 for two weeks in Europe. Two free IHG nights in my account will be a valuable asset next July.

My wife Kelley still has her original offer which is the same five tasks shown in the first IHG Into the Nights image of this post requiring 3 nights, 2 Holiday Inn Stays and 2 Saturday nights with an IHG app booking.

We are looking at earning 4 free nights after 5 paid nights over the next two months. I evaluate this IHG Into the Nights offer as $500 spent in 2014 for $1,000+ value with 4 free nights in Europe at IHG hotels in July 2015.

In the next post I will analyze breakfast rates at IHG hotels.


Ric Garrido of Monterey, California is writer and owner of Loyalty Traveler.

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  • PSL October 26, 2014

    What a fiasco! Just after completing my first offer (two stays for a free night, my second, identical offer was changed to stay at three brands for a free night. Good thing I didn’t bother canceling a cheaper reservation at a Marriott.

  • P T October 26, 2014

    My offer was ridiculous from the start. I have two international stays required and many nights in hotels. Due to a situation not unlike your wife’s earlier one, we have no travel plans at the moment. Even if we had, the promotion just wouldn’t have been worth it this time. Mine was not changed from the original offer, by the way.

  • Deb October 26, 2014

    I was lucky. I completed my tasks in three nights with $400 spend. Turned around and used the two nights immediately, booking Hotel Indigo Edinburgh for the height of festival season ($1400 value). It sounds like a lot of people are having a tough time of it though.

  • W.R. October 26, 2014

    My tasks, they never changed, however my problem has been practically no updating, and having to email IHG to get my start date for the promotion correct in the first place.

    That’s also been the only stay that’s posted to the IntoTheNights dashboard. I have had two revenue stays since then (9/28, 10/12); neither of these have posted at all.

    It has been extremely poor to say the least. I had a one-night stay at Hyatt recently, and both the bonus points for mobile booking, and my targeted offer already posted properly, a couple of days after the stay.

    IHG needs to get its act together, and *quickly*….

  • Carl P October 26, 2014

    For me he last Big Win wasn’t worth finishing and Into The Nights offer wasn’t even worth registering for. Now that I consider my relationship with IHG pretty much over all the latest screw-ups has just been corporate entertainment.

    They never even sent me all the Reels promotion movie tickets and drink/popcorns I was due. I have no trust in IHG at all.

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  • Pete October 27, 2014

    One of my items was one stay booked via mobile app. I did it and they changed it to two bookings before it credited. I emailed and they said they would not revert. Really frustrating bc I had two stays and would have booked both via mobile app if I had known.

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  • Mandrake October 27, 2014

    I thought IHG had put out a statement saying that those people who had registered and started working towards completing the promo under the old offers could stick to it and they would honor that; only new registrants would need to complete the offers under the new promo terms.
    This would mean that you don’t have to go and adjust your planned stays.

  • Ric Garrido October 27, 2014

    They put out a statement on FlyerTalk. I have not received any notification personally.

    Since I can’t see my original offer in my account, why should I think IHG will honor the original offer I was given? The whole focus of the IHG statement only deals with the IHG Mobile App issue.

    My mobile app task changed from 10 to 1 stay, however, all the other tasks are different now. It is not a big deal for me since the cost is about the same to fulfill either set of tasks.

  • Holly October 30, 2014

    They changed my offer from 1 stay with the app to 24 stays!! Plus they have yet to credit all the nights I have stayed since registering.

    They said they would credit me completed offers under my original offer, but since they haven’t credited me any of my stays looks like that is more BS.

    I have booked 6 nights with the app, it shows up as zero.

    I agree with poster above, there are better deals at better hotels. So disap POINT ing!!

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  • Alex November 8, 2014

    I booked all my stays using IHG App for ITN. I have to make 2 reservations using the app. The stays posted correctly on the ITN dashboard except the task with using the app. Does anybody have the same problem? How can it be resolved? I contacted IHG already but no answer. Thanks.

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