My IHG Into the Nights tasks posted for 2 free nights

My final two IHG Into the Nights tasks posted for 2 free nights. This promotion had me excited in September when I was sitting in a Clarion Collection hotel room in Oslo and saw that I needed to only stay 3 nights with two Saturday nights at a Holiday Inn to earn two free nights.

Then, in October, I logged into my Into the Nights dashboard to see my five tasks had changed to a completely different set of six tasks, which would earn two free nights if I completed five of the six tasks. The limiting factor was either 7 hotel nights or two hotel stays in two different countries outside the USA. I stayed at Holiday Inn London Gatwick Airport on a bonus points with breakfast rate three weeks ago and Holiday Day Inn Express Dublin Airport last week to complete my five tasks in two hotel nights.

This morning my IHG Into the Nights dashboard updated to show I have completed five tasks in my two 1-night hotel stays.

IHG Into the Nights tasks complete

Taking two free nights rather than 21,300 bonus points is a no brainer.

IHG into the Nights Reward choice

It is likely I will redeem the two free nights for an InterContinental Hotel in Europe next summer for some place like London Park Lane or The Amstel, Amsterdam.

InterContinental Park Lane

IHG Into the Nights Clusterf#*k Bonus Round

While I am happy to have earned two free nights for $235 on two paid hotel stays I needed anyway in London and Dublin, I have to laugh at the IHG Into the Nights Clusterf#*k Bonus Round opportunity presented to me upon completion of the original tasks for free nights.

IHG Into the Nights Bonus Offers

My congratulations on completing Into the Nights included another set of Bonus Offers tasks for more points. The Bonus Offers page states I can earn 20,000 points for completion of six tasks, however, there are only two tasks shown offering bonus points for a total 6,000 points.

This would be a decent offer, except for the stay 3 nights limitation. We still need 3 IHG stays to complete Kelley’s offer for two free nights. Those 3 nights on Kelley’s account are worth far more than 26,000 bonus points in my account.

Loyalty Traveler Into the Nights

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  1. I kept click the “2 Free Nights” button but nothing is happening. What was your experience?

  2. How generous of IHG to post your Into the Nights stays. Let’s see, I completed my challenge in mid-October and was told the results would take 7-14 days to post. 62 days and still waiting. File under “How not to run a Promo”. Clusterf#*k indeed.

  3. When my last required stay didn’t post in a couple of days, I sent IHG an email and called the Holiday Inn Express. A few days later the stay posted, and the Into The Nights bonus followed a week later. Have no idea if the emails and phone call made a difference, but it could not have hurt.

  4. I got the points from the stays posted.. and the “tailored offer” points posted on my account from all 5 tasks I had to do.. but it doesn’t show on the dashboard and still haven’t received my 2 free nights bonus.

    But it must show somewhere on the system because my Bonus offer showed up like Ric, but it was similarly chaotic mess. 6 Bonus offers for 20k bonus points. 4 of them had 0 points, and 2 offers equaled to just 6k of points.

    It’s a hot mess for sure.

  5. My offer wasn’t too bad; I also got the 7 night requirement. Was able to get most of those for pretty cheap just 20 minutes south at the Holiday Inn Tijuana.
    About a week after that posted, I was able to select the 2 free nights option – which took a while to work – on the website, and of course the same weird 6,000+20,000 bonus points offer.

    Then I logged in again two days later just to see if anything had changed, and the “select your reward” buttons were available again. Thinking it just glitched out the first time, I clicked “2 free nights” again. Now in my account it shows “Into the Nights – Free Nights Available: 4”.

    So I’m pretty pleased with this promotion. 🙂

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