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5 Staré Město-Old Town Pubs in Prague

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Prague seems like a place where there are 3 or 4 pubs on every block of nearly every street. Any list that claims to reveal the 10 best pubs in Prague is bullshit.

A tourist is looking for a cool place to hang out and drink and maybe get a bite to eat. This post shares some of my favorite pub finds in Prague. These are not trendy hip places. These are simply pub places where there is a nice ambiance inside and/or beer garden outside.

TripAdvisor lists 1,890 restaurants in Prague. As a tourist having spent about 4 weeks in Prague over the past 18 months, I have dined in about 20 to 30 places and drank beer in about 40 to 50 places across the inner core of Prague. A quick look at a couple of lists for top ten pubs revealed only two places I have drank beer and one of those places on TripAdvisor does not make my list for best places to drink.

A big caveat is whether you want new brand craft beer or traditional Czech pilsener. I like pilsener and especially Pilsner Urquell so I can find a beer I like in more than 2,000 places around Prague.

Kelley decided this trip after 6 days in Czech Republic and a few places in Poland with Pilsner Urquell that she prefers other Czech beers and Polish beers to Pilsner Urquell. She thinks Pilsner Urquell is too bitter tasting.

Here are four Czech pubs in Staré Město/Old Town and one in Nove Mesto/New Town I enjoy for a pint. Some are also restaurants, but I have only eaten at one of these pubs. These are not ranked since where I go to drink generally depends on where I happen to be in Prague when I decide I want a beer.

Staré Město/Old Town

Beer prices in Prague Old Town are generally the most expensive in the city. So, if you are going to pay more for beer, then at least get a cool location to drink.

Klub Lavka

Klub Lavka – Staré MÄ›sto/Old Town below Charles Bridge

When the summer crowds on Charles Bridge are too much to handle, stop at Klub Lavka terrace for a beer below Charles Bridge. This is one of the most expensive beers I have bought in Prague at 75czk per pint. Terrace view is worth the extra $1.25 per pint. I consider any place charging more than 45czk for a 0.5 liter pint overpriced compared to average beer prices in Prague pubs and restaurants.

a table and chairs on a patio
Klub Lavka Terrace Prague
a glass of beer on a table
Klub Lavka Staropramen beer
a boat on a river
Klub Lavka view tower
a bridge over water with boats in the water
Klub Lavka Terrace view Charles Bridge
a group of people standing in front of a tall stone tower
Charles Bridge Prague, Klub Lavka is accessed at the end of the walkway in the building on the right.

U Dvou koÄek – Staré MÄ›sto/Old Town

I refer to this historic pub as the cat pub. They only serve Pilsner Urquell and it is a popular food place. This is the only one of the four Staré Město pubs in this post where I have had a meal and it was a good meal.

This is a good place for a 44czk Pilsner Urquell beer, if only to admire the cat adorned beer pumps and cat decor. Unfortunately, I can’t find my photo of the beer pumps, but you can see them on U Dvou koÄek website.

a painting of a cat and people on a wall
U Dvou koÄek cats
a cat statue on a shelf
More U Dvou koÄek cats
a painting of cats on a shelf
And more U Dvou koÄek cats. The current restaurant is from 1927.
a sign on a wall
U Dvou koÄek sign shows there has been a tavern here since 1678.
a building with cars parked in front of it
U Dvou koÄek in Prague 1.

Restaurace U Vejvodů

U Vejvodů – Staré MÄ›sto/Old Town

a sign above a restaurant

This place is huge. We did not eat here, but Kelley did grab a table pretzel. I liked the look of the interior, although I thought the wait service sucked. We definitely waited in a nearly empty pub for our beer. This pub should probably not be on my list, however, makes my list due to being only 200 meters or 2 minutes walk from U Dvou koÄek and even lower beer price at 42.90czk for a pint of Pilsner Urquell.

Also, lots of reading material lying around if you want to find a corner and kick back with a book in a language you probably can’t read.

Outdoor garden seating too in good weather, but we ended up inside the empty pub space due to the outside being packed.

a building with a sign
U Vejvodů outside
a restaurant with tables and chairs
U Vejvodů Pilsner Urquell 42.90czk
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U Vejvodů interior room, one of several rooms.
a painting on the wall
U Vejvodů mural
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U Vejvodů skylight room
a map of a city
190 meters between these two pubs.

Konvikt – Staré MÄ›sto/Old Town

Konvikt is another Staré MÄ›sto pub that serves Pilsner Urquell. I’ve never eaten here, but the place serves a good Pilsner Urquell in a traditional Czech pub environment.

a building with a sign on the front
Konvikt pub
a sign on a building
Konvikt Pivnice Prague
a room with tables and chairs
Konvikt pub interior

The reason I found Konvikt initially was after a tour of the hotel rooms at U Medvídků, one of Prague’s oldest breweries popular with bus tours. The beer hall was closed for a large tour group. I wandered around the corner into Konvikt for beer.

Loyalty Traveler - Hotel U Medvídků Brewery Prague (Feb 8, 2017).

Hostinec “U MatÄ›je Kotrby” – Kremencova Street

Another popular tourist brewery in Nové MÄ›sto/New Town Prague 1 is historic U Fleků on Kremencova. This place is always packed with large groups. The first time I visited U Fleků to discover they only serve their own brand of dark beer, I ended up walking down Kremencova street to Hostinec “U MatÄ›je Kotrby”, where I enjoyed the restaurant pub kitsch vibe with all kinds of historic artifacts like old typewriters, phonographs, porcelain steins and more. And 43czk/$1.90usd pints of Pilsner Urquell beer.

Kremencova is in a major party street with about 8 or 10 different pubs. There is probably some style of pub or bar for most tastes on this street. Place is great for people watching on a weekend night anytime of year.

Loyalty Traveler - Prague party street Křemencova Nové Město (Oct 9, 2017).

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U Matěje Kotrby
a man walking down a street
Kremencova – Nove Mesto/New Town – Prague 1
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U Matěje decor
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U Matěje menu
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U MatÄ›je – Pilsner Urquell and pretzels

On hot summer days there are several pubs I have visited for outdoor beer gardens under large shade trees. Aside from the smokers, these are some of the most enjoyable places in Prague for beer drinking.

In another post I will share some of my favorite beer garden spaces in Prague.

While this post focused on Staré Město/Old Town, most of my favorite pubs are located in Nové Město/New Town and Vinohrady districts of Prague.

Let me know if you have a favorite pub in Prague. Always good to know more places to drink. There are definitely gaps in my pub finds for the other side of Staré Město. I have been to several pubs around Charles Square, but none really stood out to me as particularly memorable.





  • Woj August 14, 2018

    I think Stare Miasto is Polish and Czech would be Staré Město. Cheers!

  • Ric Garrido August 14, 2018

    @Woj – thanks for the correction. 7 days in Czech Republic and 10 days in Poland has me language confused. Still trying to remember how to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in Czech and Polish.

  • Bobo August 14, 2018

    Czech: dobrý den or ahoj; děkuji

    Polish: dzien dobry; dziękuję

    Always love your articles. Lokál Dlouhááá is a good place in the old town for Urquell z tanku.

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