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Trip Report Day 3 Prague party street Křemencova Nové Město

My plan to write a daily journal of this trip is behind schedule. Too little sleep interferes with writing. Being out and about in the places I am visiting takes priority. I only covered half of Day 2 in my previous piece two days ago.

Loyalty Traveler – Trip Report Day 2 Prague Vinohrady Light and Dark.

Prague on a Friday night was buzzing. I wandered the streets looking for a place to eat and was trying to walk about a mile to one of the pubs on the other side of Nové Město I had visited in July without the use of a map. I got lost and eventually just turned to walk alongside the river and settled for a Vietnamese cafe meal at 109CZK and a bottle of Pilsner Urquell 35 CZK.

Prague Vietnamese

I did however locate two Best Western Prague hotels on my walk: BW City Hotel Moran and BW Pav Hotel. I wrote a piece on BW Kinsky Garden after visiting that hotel in July. I had planned to stay at Kinsky Garden until the Club Carlson promotion changed my plans to Park Inn Prague to earn the Free Friday I used to stay Friday night at Radisson Blu Alcron Prague on this trip.

Loyalty Traveler – Best Western Hotel Kinsky Garden Prague truly boutique (#149 of 647 hotels on TripAdvisor).

BW Moran

Best Western Prague City Hotel Moran is the higher rated of the two BW hotels I saw at #159 of 647. The hotel is located in a cute building, but there was not much nightlife happening around there.

Best Western Hotel Pav on the other hand was on a street with the most happening nightlife I came across in the city without being on one of the main city center streets or Old Town. There were dozens of people hanging outside the bars smoking and joking and the street was full of life.

I was too tired to hang out and headed back to my room, while making a mental note to return and check out the area in more detail the following day.

Prague Day 3 Nove Mesto

Noon sunlight was gorgeous on a Saturday in Prague. The colorful buildings in sunlight are eye candy.

Prague Nove Mesto-1

Prague Nove Mesto-2

Prague Nove Mesto-3

I walked streets in Nove Mesto (New Town) soaking in the big picture and the little details of the architecture.

Prague door

Prague decor

Every street seemed to have something worthy of further exploration and examination.

Prague alcove

So many pubs and too little time before I needed to leave. My objective was to find Best Western Hotel Pav again and check out U Fleko, one of Prague’s oldest pubs. Once again, without the use of a map, I figured I could backtrack in close approximation to the walk from the night before.

I did not retrace my steps correctly, but that turned out to be a good thing when I came to a street intersection where there were a couple of interesting characters just hanging around.

Prague umbrella man

Prague Umbrella woman

The street location of the umbrella couple is the intersection at Odborů, Nové Město in front of La Loca Bar and Lounge.

Turned out I was on track for my destination of Křemencova street right around the corner.


To give a sense of why Křemencova was a social nightspot I snapped photos of some of the pubs and bars on the street.





U Fleku is a historic 1499 brewpub and very popular for tour groups. The place has seating for hundreds. I had trouble getting through the crowds of the front door to check the place out at noon on an October Saturday.

U Fleku

I managed to make it to the nearly empty interior courtyard and take some photos.

U Fleku-2

The place was too busy for my liking and they only serve dark beer.

BW Pav

Best Western Hotel Pav is directly adjacent to U Fleku, which I guess could be a good thing for some guests.

I headed to the next block of Křemencova to a cute looking pub with 41CZK ($1.86USD) pints of Pilsner Urquell.


U Matěje, Křemencova, Prague

U Matěje-2

U Matěje

U Matěje-3

A touch of Monterey in Prague

One other thing on Křemencova street caught my eye when I passed by a storefront with a record shop being renovated.

Křemencova Monterey

Monterey Fairgrounds concert poster from 1966.

The description below the poster is loaded with spelling errors. Apparently, the store owner was in a band, The Gladstones, that played in the Monterey festival one year before the iconic 1967 Monterey Pop Festival which featured Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, The Who and many more major acts. The poster paragraph also mentions hanging out with Janis Joplin, Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg. The city of Monterey banned rock concerts for ten years after that 1967 event. My wife remembers finding concert goers in 1967 sleeping around her family car in the nearby neighborhood apartment parking lot.

Rock music unites the world.



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  • tassojunior October 9, 2017

    The Park Inn has small rooms except for several huge suites on the end of the building by the street (x04 rooms?). I lucked up with the card and got upgraded with a lot of begging. Maybe 800 sq ft, two bathrooms, leather sofa, beautiful views. Worth the try.

    Also across from the Park Inn is the fort Vysegrad….I think the 1st settlement. Huge stone walls to the river, a church where the fort was destroyed on top, and a graveyard for nuns. Beautiful.

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