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Hotel U Medvídků Brewery Prague

U Medvídků is a historic brewery site in Old Town Prague dating from 1466. It is also a hotel, restaurant, pub and microbrewery with a small beer cafe in the hotel lobby.

The site is a major stop for Prague beer tours. I just happened to be walking on the street when the sign ‘Brewery Hotel’ caught my eye and I entered the hotel door for the establishment to check out the interior.

U Medvidku sign ext

U Medvídků Brewery Hotel – AD 1466

U medvidku exterior

The hotel has 43 rooms on three guest floors with both elevator and stairways. The hotel portion of the building has boutique character in a great city center location.

The charm of old Prague begins with the room key, real metal keys attached to a miniature wooden beer cask.

U Medvidku keys

Hallway nooks of the historic building are filled with old brewery artifacts and other antiques.

U Medvidku brewery item

U Medvidku washing machine

Antique washing machine

Room 306 (I think)


Room 306 is a spectacular room set off in its own hallway and hard to find without a guide since the hallway room numbers don’t list it. The room has its own stairway access and not handicap accessible. Since I don’t have a photo of the key or room plate, don’t rely on 306 as being the correct room identifier. Might have been 307?


You can sleep beside a brewery artifact with a three lantern beer blender next to the bed.

Three lantern beer

The space gave me a really good vibe, like a room I could hang out in a writer’s European dream for days and nights.



and writing.


And simply staring at the ceiling beams feeling old Europe pervades my spirit.

suite beams

The bathroom was basic with sink, shower and toilet and up a few stairs.

suite bathroom

Room 214

Room 214 is an example of a basic room type in the hotel.


This room had an interior courtyard view.

U Medvidku 214

Room 216

Room 216 is a real suite in the sense of a divided bedroom from living room space with door.

U Med 216-1

An old Remington typewriter sits on the desk for true inspiration.

U Med 216-2

U Med 216 painted beams

This is another room with simple exposed beam construction, yet beautifully adorned.

U Med 216-3

U Med 216-4

View from bedroom window of 216 is similar to view from the first suite. Room 214 had a less attractive interior building courtyard view.

U Med 216 view

I enjoyed walking the stairways inside the hotel rather than riding the glass elevator. As a person interested in brewing, I found myself lingering in the hall examining historic photos and artifacts.

U Med bottles

While Prague has many historic and boutique hotels, U Medvidku is a unique place I will consider for lodging when I return to the city.

U Med brewery

A historic brewery hotel is right up my kind of Prague alley.

U Medvidku Prague Brewery Hotel












  • stalker February 8, 2017

    No beers were consumed? 🙁

  • Ric Garrido February 11, 2017

    I was hot and sweating after all the stair walking through the hotel while wearing/carrying heavy winter gear. I needed to get outside in cold air to cool off. After 5 minutes outside I went into Konvikt Pivnice around the corner where I consumed more beer than I intended.

    Thought waitress was asking me in Czech if she could take the empty glass when she walked by after my Pilsner Urquell. She took the empty mug and brought back another full one. Apparently, I ordered a third pint when I said yes. Too buzzed to walk back over to U Medvidku for another beer after that. I eventually ended up at U Vorare near the Park Inn Prague.

    Hospůdka U Voraře, my Prague local pub

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