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Collated 29 post trip report Amsterdam, Prague, Pilsen, Brno, Bratislava July 2017

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Today, I collated 29 Loyalty Traveler articles from my 22-day July 2017 trip from San Francisco to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Prague, Pilsen, Brno, Bratislava and London.

This article lists the 29 posts describing my trip planning, travel objectives, hotel reviews and city impressions. Several of the posts were slightly edited again to fix grammar errors and add the entire series of 29 posts to the end of each article to link all the trip report pieces together.

Prague castle

Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

July 2017

San Francisco SFO – Copenhagen, Denmark – Stockholm, Sweden – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Prague, Czechia – Bratislava, Slovakia – London, England – San Francisco SFO (22 days-6 flights-20 hotel nights-6 bus trips)

  1. My July in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Czechia and Slovakia July 5, 2017
  2. SAS flying over San Francisco
  3. Copenhagen, Denmark: Skt. Petri Copenhagen Choice Hotels Ascend Collection
  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Loyalty Traveler Lost and Found in Amsterdam
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre hotel review
  6. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam design for social living
  7. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam beer, bud and burger joints
  8. Amsterdam and Prague Hotels: 2 stays earned 1 Free Friday Park Plaza Vondelpark Amsterdam and Park Inn Prague
  9. Prague, Czechia: Pickpocket stole my wallet on Prague Airport Bus
  10. Prague, Czechia: Park Inn Prague hotel review
  11. Prague, Czechia: Best Western Hotel Kinsky Garden Prague truly boutique
  12. Prague, Czechia: Hotel review Clarion Prague City reward stay
  13. Prague, Czechia: Vyšehrad, Prague far from the madding crowd
  14. Pilsen, Czechia: Marriott Courtyard Pilsen CZ category 1 reward stay
  15. Pilsen, Czechia: Pilsen Czechia photoessay
  16. Brno, Czechia: Holiday Inn Brno, CZ PointBreaks stay
  17. Brno, Czechia: Brno by beer
  18. Brno, Czechia: Brno Bones in Europe’s Second Largest Ossuary
  19. Czechia: Impressions after 9 days in Czech Republic
  20. Bratislava, Slovakia: Review Radisson Blu Bratislava Slovakia
  21. Bratislava, Slovakia: Walk to Bratislava Castle Slovakia photo essay
  22. Bratislava, Slovakia: Bratislava Slovakia photo essay part 2
  23. Bratislava, Slovakia: Category 1 Park Inn Danube Bratislava Slovakia opens Oct 1, 2017
  24. Bratislava, Slovakia: Trip Report Regiojet Bus Bratislava to Brno Airport
  25. London, UK: Buyer Beware National Express bus London Stansted to London Heathrow
  26. London, UK: Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow hotel review
  27. Hotel Loyalty: Loyalty? Yes! Loyal? Not so much for my hotel travel
  28. Hotel Loyalty: My two Club Carlson Free Friday Nights posted today
  29. Airline Loyalty: Aegean Silver elite and 17,000 miles to Star Alliance Gold

Over time I may add a few more articles from our July 2017 trip, such as the Pilsen Brewery Museum and perhaps some articles on the major sightseeing attractions in Brno and more on the neighborhoods of Prague.

I also collated all my receipts last week from the July trip and I want to add some more articles detailing travel cost for transportation and food in different cities.

My rule of thumb is western European cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, and Stockholm are 3x the daily travel budget (excluding lodging) I need for daily expenses in Czechia, Poland and Slovakia. This generalization seemed to hold for these summer 2017 trips. Travel budget differences are one of the primary reasons I shifted most of my travel in 2016 and 2017 to Central Europe destinations. Plus, I really enjoy visiting cities with relatively few American tourists compared to most major western European capital cities.

Loyalty Traveler Travels is my website page with collated trip reports. One of my projects I have been working on this past week is adding post links for all the posts from each trip report to the bottom of each post in that trip report.

There are many more articles I want to write from travels in 2016. My computer had a catastrophic meltdown January 2017 and many of my trip photos are located on backup hard drives that I need to access again for completing some of the pieces I would like to add. This is especially true for Slovakia Sep 2016 and New Zealand Nov 2016.


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  • bluecat August 28, 2017

    I’ve visited more than a couple of the places you’ve been to, as a direct result of your writing. I also plan some more travels to Central Europe next year, so keep the articles coming–I need more ideas!

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