Trip Report Regiojet Bus Bratislava to Brno Airport

Our cheap Ryanair tickets flew us from Brno, Czech Republic to London Stansted for $39 one-way per ticket. Ryanair scheduled arrival for 18:35pm at Stansted meant I opted to go from Stansted Airport STN to London Heathrow LHR by National Express direct bus for a hotel rather than venture into central London for our last night in Europe.

We arrived in Stansted for the last night of a three week trip. We had stayed in Copenhagen, Denmark; transited through Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden; flew to Amsterdam; flew to Prague where we changed cities by Regiojet bus from Prague to Pilsen and back, Prague to Brno and Brno to Bratislava, Slovakia and back.

I figured we would be too wiped out from a day of travel upon arriving to London Stansted to enjoy London for a couple hours on a Tuesday night. Hotels were a lot pricier in the city center in the last week of July for what would essentially be bed rest at the Radisson Blu Edwardian London Heathrow before our flight home to California.

It was a beautiful day in Central Europe

Our day started with breakfast in Bratislava, Slovakia, where I ate bacon & eggs for 4.10EUR with 1.70 EUR latte at an outdoor table of Verne Cafe under the shade trees of Hviezdoslav namestie.

Verne cafe Verne eggs-bacon

We ate and drank at Verne Cafe several times during our three days in Bratislava, across the square from Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel.

After breakfast, we took a 10 EUR taxi ride to Bratislava international bus station, locally known as Autobusova Stanica, Bratislava or AS Mlynské Nivy.

Regiojet Bus Bratislava, Slovakia to Brno, Czechia

Regiojet Student Agency 90 minute bus ride to Brno, Czechia is the quickest public transportation between the cities. I made online reservations for two tickets at 7.90 EUR each. Bus travel is generally far more efficient and less expensive than trains for travel around Slovakia, Czech Republic and parts of Poland.

Time for a final Slovakian pub visit at the bus station with 1.70 EUR Pilsner Urquell beer and a view of our bus platform.

Pilsner Urquell

Last looks. 1.70 EUR Pilsner Urquell pint at Autobusova Stanica Bratislava bus station before the 90 minute bus ride to Brno.


We traveled on 5 RegioJet bus routes across Czech Republic.

Regiojet bus

Last looks of the Danube River and UFO Tower.

The seated woman is the Regiojet bus attendant who passes out complimentary headphones and processes pay for order snacks, including beer.


I was able to book front row seats for Bratislava to Brno at no charge when I purchased our online reservations. Brno 61km, Praha 267km.

Brno pub

14:30 arrival in Brno, CZ and 17:30 Brno airport departure meant time to walk one block across the street to a decent looking Brno city pub I spied from the bus. 35 CZK pint Starobrno ($1.58 USD).

Brno Airport Bus E76

Brno Airport E76 bus

Public bus E76 is the Brno Airport bus. 25 CZK ($1.13 USD) ticket price.

The Brno city center bus stop is located midway between the bus station and train station, less than 100 meters from each transportation hub. A coin machine for tickets is located at the bus stop. There is signage for the airport bus stop located across the street from Brno Grand Hotel, slightly to right of the hotel.

20 minutes public bus ride with no AC in the 35C/95F heat and limited stops to Brno Airport. The bus stopped in front of the Brno Airport arrival doors.

Bus service runs every 30 minutes from 5:07am to 10:07pm weekdays and starts at 6:30am on Sunday.

Brno Airport

Letiště Brno – Brno Airport

Brno Airport taxi

This sign for 320 CZK/13 EUR fixed taxi price for Brno Airport to city center grabbed my attention after being ripped off for 25 EUR four days earlier on a 2 mile taxi ride from Bratislava bus station to Radisson Blu Bratislava.

I walked across the Brno Airport parking lot to photograph the main terminal building from a distance. I had seen an article on the web about its distinctive architecture.

Brno Airport-2

Brno airport-3

A quick last pub visit inside before going through airport security.


Brno BRQ bar

Truly my last Czech beer of the trip, however, to my surprise, the price for beer was the same 35CZK/ $1.59 USD per 0.5l price at the Brno Airport cafe-bar past security.

Brno BRQ Airport

One of the coolest things I saw at Brno BRQ Airport was a lone horseback security officer riding his horse along the airport runway with a large dog accompanying them.

Brno BRQ security (2)

Brno BRQ Airport trivia: The airport runway is located within a couple miles of the Austerlitz 1805 Battlefield, one of the most decisive battles of the Napoleonic Wars resulting in the surrender of the Austrian Empire. The Austerlitz battlefield monument is 13km by road from the airport.

BRQ airport security-2

Our Ryanair flight took off 25 minutes late after the pilot stated, only minutes before liftoff, we were going to be delayed three hours due to London air traffic control.

Brno Airport-4

Ryanair BRQ

Welcome to London Stansted!

That will be 60 GBP ($78) for two bus tickets to London Heathrow.

London Stansted

Loyalty Traveler – Buyer Beware National Express bus London Stansted to London Heathrow.

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