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Westin Heavenly Bed 25% off March Sale

Westin Hotels has some kind of hotel marketing sensation with their Heavenly Bed. The bed is comfortable, but the real secret to the luxurious feel are all the sheets, pillows, blankets and mattress pad that cover the bed. I find the Westin Heavenly Bed dreamy. The Westin Store is currently offering the Westin Heavenly Bed…

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Westin Travel and Be Well 48,000 points Sweepstakes

Westin is promoting the healthy benefits of taking a vacation from work with its “Travel and Be Well” Sweepstakes. 200 prizes of 48,000 points will be awarded to SPG members who pledge to take a vacation before the end of the year. Entries will be accepted between September 15 and October 15, 2010. Restricted to…

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