Westin Heavenly Bed 25% off March Sale

Westin Hotels has some kind of hotel marketing sensation with their Heavenly Bed. The bed is comfortable, but the real secret to the luxurious feel are all the sheets, pillows, blankets and mattress pad that cover the bed. I find the Westin Heavenly Bed dreamy.

The Westin Store is currently offering the Westin Heavenly Bed 25% off March Sale for consumers in need of a bed.

The email I received today only mentions a March Sale with no dates I can find for when the sale ends.

Westin Bed

$1,800 for a California King mattress and box springs + $225 shipping.

Westin bedding

You are topping $4,000, even with the 25% discount, if you desire the full package with bed and all the best bedding.

My wife and I have a W Hotels California King box springs and mattress we purchased about ten years ago. I think it was around $1,200 all-in during a sale. From our experience, I can estimate that the mattress and box springs is about 50% of the cost for the full Westin Bed experience. These days and even ten years ago, after you added the price for mattress pad, box spring skirt, sheets, pillows, duvet, the final bill nearly always doubles.

A good bed is a big purchase. There are probably comparable quality beds for less, but if you want a Westin Heavenly bed, buying one during the annual periodic sales is the time to make the purchase.

Beds are a long lasting purchase if treated well. Our first major purchase was a King bed about one year after Kelley and I moved in together at Davis, California for university and I landed a good paying dairy laboratory job as a college student in 1985. We abused the shit out of that bed, including shoving it into the back of an Isuzu Trooper for a cross-country move to Maine. And we slept on it another ten years after that. Our first bed had a 20-year warranty and lasted not quite that long, but longer than the California company manufacturer who was gone by the time we used up the bed. We replaced that first bed with our W Hotel bed around ten years ago.

I might get through this life with only one or two more bed purchases. Perhaps I’ll win a Westin Heavenly Bed sweepstakes one day. I have entered plenty of their bed sweepstakes over the years I’ve been staying with Starwood Hotels.

The Westin Store 25% discount this March is happening. A good bed is a terrible thing to be without.

Disclosure: I have no marketing affiliation with Westin Store. I simply write about what I write about. This piece had me reflecting on how I have been impressed by Westin Beds in many of my hotel stays over the past 25 years.

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