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Photo walk around Parnell Auckland

A sum total of probably less than eight hours outside walking the neighborhoods over three days I spent in Auckland does not give much depth to city experience. Auckland is big and spread out across a hilly and island landscape. I basically saw about 5 miles of streets with their homes, businesses, civic center gathering…

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Should I be afraid of Uber?

The most popular story today on SFGate.com is Report: Uber exec plots revenge on journalists, eliciting outrage. The story is about Emil Michael, Uber senior vice president of business, who allegedly said at a dinner last week, Uber could spend a million dollars and hire researchers and journalists to go after reporters critical of Uber in…

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California Regulators tell Uber and TNCs to stop illegal airport pick-ups and Europe taxis strike

Transportation Network Companies (TNC) is a new acronym I learned today after several news stories about the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) ordering Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and other on-demand ride companies to cease illegal pickup and drop-off services at airports in California. Here is the letter sent to Logan Green, CEO of Lyft headquartered in…

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Mayday Seattle: Uber vs. The Counterforce

One of the more bizarre stories in travel this week has been the international coverage of Anarchy in the USA with news that an anarchist collective known as The Counterforce targeted Uber car service in downtown Seattle last Saturday night. A self-proclaimed anarchist group says it has a new target: Uber. The group called “Counterforce”…

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Uber sued in San Francisco girl’s death

There are frequent articles in the San Francisco Chronicle about travel start-up companies like car ride service Uber and accommodation booking service AirBnB and the disjointed regulatory environment encompassing their services. On New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, a six-year-old girl was killed by an Uber contracted driver who was not carrying any passengers at…

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