Uber would be 5th largest employer in San Francisco Bay Area, if drivers were employees

Uber has more than 20,000 drivers in the San Francisco Bay Area. That is more employees than all but Kaiser, city and county of San Francisco, UC Berkeley and UCSF. Uber would be the 5th largest employer in San Francisco Bay Area, if drivers were employees. Uber drivers are independent contractors with few benefits. Uber has about 2,000 full-time employees in the Bay Area, where Uber global headquarters is located.

The number of Uber drivers in the SF Bay Area has doubled in the past year. Uber stated it has 162,037 workers nationwide in December. San Francisco is limited to 1,800 taxi cabs.

Pick up jobs before and after work to make ends meet when you don’t have a single job that pays enough or gives you enough hours to makes ends meet. That is the current state of labor in the USA.

SFGate.com – Uber among region’s biggest employers, but company begs to differ (April 14)

Cities want a piece of the sharing economy

You know there has been a change in the travel industry when Airbnb and Uber are topics in the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in his State of the City address yesterday.

The mayor announced new technology-related policy proposals that could prove controversial: Collecting taxes from the vacation-rental company Airbnb and allowing the ride-share services Uber and Lyft to pick up customers at Los Angeles International Airport. (Currently, the app-based ride services can only pick up limited numbers of passengers at LAX.)

LA Times – State of City: Garcetti focuses on public safety; wants Uber, Lyft at airport

I still have not used a ridesharing service. One of these days, perhaps, I will need a ride somewhere when I am without my car and public transportation is not a reasonable option.

Uber homepage

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  1. Many of my male friends spend most of their spare time trying pick up women without getting paid, so this seems like a natural…

  2. This shows what happens when government uses a heavier hand than needed. If taxis weren’t limited, there wouldn’t be so much built up demand. I do think there should be licensing, insurance and taxes on Uber drivers. I’m assuming Uber has to file 1099’s on each of the drivers who make more than $600 a year. That should make the IRS happy.

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