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I saved $200 today with IHG PointBreaks

My main purpose is to let you know the Oct 31-Jan 31, 2017 IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks hotels are available for booking at 5,000 points per night. I already booked two hotel nights for 10,000 points that fit nicely into my current travel plans. In this post I calculate the value of PointBreaks for simple…

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Pilgrimage to Holiday Inn Leiden

It was not until I looked at the Leiden city tour map in the Leiden Visitor Center a hundred meters or so from Leiden Centraal Station that I realized I was in the town where many Pilgrim families lived for a decade prior to creating the Plymouth Colony in 1620 on the Massachusetts coast. I…

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Holiday Inn Brno, Czech Republic

The first thing you will likely read about Holiday Inn Brno, Czech Republic is the location is not in the tourist area of Brno. This is a business hotel with a perfect location for the Brno Trade Exhibition Halls in the southwest portion of city center. If you are in Brno for a trade show,…

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