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Wooden Memories of a War Widow and her girls

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. The holiday marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Memorial Day originally developed as Decoration Day in the 1860s to pay respect to the 600,000 soldiers who died in the Civil War. Memorial Day predates by some fifty years the November 11 Veteran’s Day/Remembrance Day marking the end…

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Personal BAcon Bits for My Blog Salad

Can you see the real me on Loyalty Traveler? Over the past few years a common occurrence happens when points and miles bloggers meet me. People generally tell me that I am nothing like they expected from reading my blog. There were about 45 bloggers at the Boarding Area conference in Colorado Springs last weekend.…

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I gave a teacher a hug today

I gave a teacher a hug today as I kissed my wife and she left for work this morning to teach a public school classroom of five- and six-year-old children. The news coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre these past 72 hours broke our hearts with the tragic details of death in a…

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Election Day “Cast your net into the Sea”

November 6, 2012. This is election day.  Monterey is burning up with election fever this sunny 80 degrees Presidential Election Day 2012 on the central coast of California. Yesterday even set an all-time high temperature record for the date at 87 degrees and the third hottest day of 2012. Cannery Row, Monterey, California This post…

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In Bed with HuffingtonPost, Twitter and SPG Insider

My morning routine on schooldays – my wife is a first grade public school teacher – is to scan the morning papers for any story of interest to stir my wife’s curiosity and wake her from morning sleep. Huffington Post is my usual stomping ground since a Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart video generally grabs…

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Wooden Memories of a War Widow and Her Kids

I was born in the army, but I was never a military serviceman. I grew up on U.S. military bases surrounded by the U.S. Armed Forces. I went to U.S. military hospitals to be born, when I was sick, and when I broke my wrist. No need to worry about insurance or payment. The military…

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