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Number of U.S. hotels by hotel chain

An interesting graphic I came across shows the number of hotels in the U.S. by the seven largest U.S. hotel chains. U.S. Hotels domestic supply among major U.S. Hotel Chains Hilton Worldwide: 3,382 hotels; 506,455 rooms. Marriott International: 3,110 hotels; 501,070 rooms. Wyndham Worldwide: 5,815 hotels; 451,755 rooms. Choice International: 5,081 hotels; 385,827 rooms. Starwood…

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88 new Choice Hotels in Q-2 2012

Choice Hotels opened 88 new hotels in 34 states and 7 countries in the second quarter of 2012. Choice International is the second largest hotel chain globally by number of hotels with over 6,200 properties. The chain added 256 hotels in 2011 and 46 new hotels in Q1 2012. Choice International has 11 hotel brands.…

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Choice Hotels International Profile by Numbers

Choice Hotels International Profile by Numbers 5,866 Hotels (2nd largest hotel chain in world); 476,235 rooms (6th largest by rooms) Choice Hotels International brands Hotel Market Segment Global Hotels 5,866   (Choice Hotels March 2009) Global Rooms 476,235   (Choice Hotels March 2009) Ranking in World Top 50 Brands Comfort Inn Midscale 1,452 (US only)…

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