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Best Western Hotels in Laos

Best Western is in planning stages for hotel development in Laos.  Generally I don’t discuss hotel development plans since I am more concerned with the present opportunities for hotel travel.  This headline caught my attention today due to seeing a TV travel show a couple of weeks back and its mention of the absence of…

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Global Positioning of Hotel Chains

  Bill Marriott (of Marriott Hotels) wrote a blog post last week, “Weathering Turbulent Times” in which he states “business outside of North America is terrific – and that’s where over 60% of our new full-service hotels will be built.”  I frequently see articles about large international contracts for new hotels in India, China, and…

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Best Western Gold Crown Club

Best Western Carmel Bay View, Carmel, California 36,000 points for a free night using points (the highest hotel award category) Best Western Carmel Bay View Hotel Best Western Hotels: Brand Overview Best Western Hotels are a franchise operation organizing 4,200+ hotels in the USA and international make Best Western the largest single hotel brand in…

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