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Review – Holiday Inn Gdansk, Poland

Holiday Inn Gdansk – City Centre is a new build hotel, opened June 2019, on Granary Island, or Spichlerze in Polish. The hotel is part of a massive development on the Motlawa River, a pedestrian bridge away from Old Town


Gdansk Ulica Długa is the main thoroughfare across Old Town Gdansk. This is primarily a pedestrian route.

Review – Radisson Hotel & Suites Gdansk 28,000 points stay

Radisson Hotel & Suites Gdansk, Poland is a new build hotel opened in March 2019 on the Granary Island riverfront. The property is within 250 meters of Radisson Blu Hotel, Gdansk, DÅ‚ugi Targ – Long Market Square. This is the

Feb 2017 London, Amsterdam, Sofia, Gdansk, Stockholm

February-March 2017 San Francisco SFO – London – Amsterdam – Sofia, Bulgaria – Gdansk, Poland – Stockholm, Sweden – Oakland OAK Kensington, London touring Pubs and Thrift Stores My Square Foot–Holiday Inn London Kensington unkingly quiet Amsterdam Winds and Windows

June 2017 Level Air OAK-BCN to Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow Poland

June 2017 Oakland, California – Barcelona, Spain – Warsaw, Poland – Gdansk, Poland – Krakow, Poland – Stockholm, Sweden – London, England – San Jose, California Trip Planning: On the Level $255 round trip Oakland to Barcelona (March 18, 2017) Trip Planning: Low cost flights and

Charmed by Gdansk

Gdansk charmed me to such a degree on my first visit in February 2017 that I went again with my wife in June.  This city of 400,000+ is a Baltic seaport town and a strengthening tourism magnet for its Old

Gdansk Poland pub crawl in beer photos

You might think I spend all my time in pubs from my trip reports out of Gdansk and Krakow, Poland. Of course, I don’t. I go back to my hotel each night for sleep. Seriously though, I like European lager

Radisson Blu Gdansk hotel review

Originally I looked at spending a week in Gdansk for our June trip. I fell in love with this place in the first hour I walked around exploring the city this past winter. My two day trip in February exposed

Dluga Street (ul. Dluga) Gdansk, Poland

One of the prettiest streets of architecture in Gdansk and probably the entire country of Poland is ul. Dluga or Dluga Street, generally called ‘Long Lane’ in English guides. The Dluga Street building facades along 550 meters from Green Gate

European Solidarity Centre museum Gdansk, Poland

  Stocznia Gdanska – Gdansk Shipyard Gdansk Shipyard is a European Heritage site as a symbol of where post-war Communist authoritarian control over the Eastern bloc of Europe began to crumble in 1980. Poland became the first country to break