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IHG Mr. & Mrs. Smith Hotel deals in Greece

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Hotels partnership with IHG launched in October 2020 with more than 400 boutique hotels around the world participating in IHG Rewards loyalty program for earning and burning points. This deal added hotels in several countries where there had not been an IHG hotel presence like Croatia, Iceland and Sweden for Europe.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotels captured my attention when looking for a hotel in Florence, Italy and finding several of the brand’s boutique hotels in that city, including one bookable for 21,000 points using the IHG Visa card 4th night free on reward stays.

More searches indicate France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain have a relatively large number of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotels. The issue for me is that many of these hotels price at 50,000 or more points per night and that is way beyond my comfort zone for most hotel stays. The workaround I found is the availability of a few hotels in places like Italy and Greek islands where IHG reward rates drop to 30,000 points or lower per night in the off-season starting in late September. 

Greek Islands in late September

Here is a survey of hotel rates on several Greek Islands for a 4-night hotel stay Mon-Fri Oct 3-7, 2022 for members with this 4th night free on reward stays IHG Visa card benefit.

There are dozens of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotels scattered across the islands of Greece. Many are priced over 500 EUR per night during summer. Here are some of the lower priced hotels for stays in late September and early October 2022.

Santorini Sep 26-30, 2022

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Santorini Sky 

48,750 points cost about $250 to buy during IHG’s periodic sales. The current IHG buy points with 80% bonus points offer through June 10 drops the price to $5.56 per 1,000 points. Buying 48,750 points costs $271. A reward stay reduces the price for a 4-night stay from 1,600 EUR / $1,661 USD to $1,084 when buying points.


Mykonos Oct 3-7, 2022

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – My Mykonos Hotel

Town and Sea View Double 22,500 points per night ($112.50 to $125.10) or 193.05 EUR/$200.52 per night.


Mr. & Mrs. Smith Casa Cook Rhodes

Oct 3-7, 2022 4-night stay.

20,625 points or 174.60 EUR per night.

Save about $75 per night using points.


4-night stay Friday September 30 – Tuesday Oct 4

Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and there are ten different Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotels scattered across the coastline.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Numo Lerapetra Beach Resort

16,875 points (about $85) or 150 EUR per night.

Chania, Crete – Serenissima Boutique Hotel

20,625 points (about $105) or 171 EUR.

Rethyemnon, Crete

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Kapsaliana Village Hotel – Rethymnon, Crete

22,500 points (about $115) or 195 EUR per night.


Heraklion, Crete

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Amirandes

41,250 points per night (about $215) or 353 EUR per night. 

The higher priced hotels offer even bigger savings if you have the points to redeem for a 4-night stay using the IHG Visa card benefit. A 4-night stay at Amarindes is 165,000 points or 1,412 EUR. You can buy 165,000 points from IHG this month for $917 and save over $500 on this hotel stay.

My wife and I both hold Star Alliance elite status with Aegean Airlines Miles + Bonus. To maintain status with fewer flight miles requires traveling to Greece to make 4 Aegean/Olympic Airlines flight segments each year. Finding all these discount deals for Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotels using IHG points puts many of the Greek islands in my travel destination sight for future trips to Greece.