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United Seattle to Singapore $470rt, add 23 hours in HNL $502

United Airlines has Seattle to Singapore for $470 round trip for departures from late August into March, except December holidays.

By setting a multi-city itinerary on Google Flights for Seattle to Honolulu, then Singapore on the following day, you can pull up a 23.5 hour transit overnight in Honolulu on the outbound flight.

United Airlines  Seattle SEA to Singapore SIN

$470.13 round trip  Mon Sep 9 – Tue Sep 17


Add Honolulu 23.5 hours transit layover outbound. 

United Airlines  Seattle SEA to Singapore SIN via long overnight Honolulu layover arriving at 1:27pm and departing at 1:00pm following day.

$502.18 round trip Mon Sep 9 – Tue Sep 17

Google Flights search to pull up HNL layover itineraries
Fly United SEA-SFO-HNL arriving 1:27pm
Fly ANA HNL-NRT-SIN departing 1:00pm after a day in Honolulu
Fly Singapore to SFO nonstop and back to Seattle

United Airlines Seattle – SFO – Honolulu (23.5 hours) – Tokyo NRT – Singapore – SFO – SEA

$502.18 round trip  Mon Sep 9 – Tue Sep 17

Seattle to Singapore with day in Hawaii for $502.18 round trip.

Loyalty Traveler – United LAX to Honolulu, Guam, Hong Kong, Singapore $519-$533 (May 7, 2019).



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  • Bluecat May 8, 2019

    sea to hnl has an sfo stop. if you are willing to do a stop somewhere, you can do a multiday in tokyo for around 600 with AC, but again, with a stop (YVR)

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