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Why finding a robot in Prague Airport is apropos

In Prague Airport Terminal 2 a couple of weeks ago there was a robot in the terminal near the gate for our Norwegian Airlines flight and near the entrance to the elevator and stairs for the terminal lounges upstairs. I did not have time before our flight to visit the lounges this trip, but I did walk over to check out the robot.

My short 40 second video would have likely languished on my computer hard drive, if not for the fact that I spent the two hour flight from Prague to Stockholm in the middle seat of the B737-800 reading every page of the Norwegian inflight magazine. One of the tidbits of information I learned from the magazine is the word ‘robot’ is derived from Czech ‘robota’, a term describing the serf ‘robota’ system of forced laborers on agricultural lands.

The ‘robota’ serfdom system in the Hapsburg Empire (moderns day Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Germany Hungary, Romania, Slovakia) was reformed by Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor in a 1781 decree, which granted civil liberties to serfs.

Travel provides many opportunities to make connections between seemingly disparate pieces of information, encounters and experiences.

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  • Bobo April 18, 2019

    I’ve seen that robot at OAK right outside of Pyramid. He gets around.

  • He certainly appears to be a family member of Pepper the Robot at the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas.

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