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Prague Airport MasterCard Lounge Terminal 1

Prague Airport MasterCard Lounge Terminal 1 is where I waited for a British Airways 11:20am flight to London LHR on a foggy morning. My plan for 2.5 hour layover in Heathrow with a lounge visit was thwarted by a flight departure delay, so I made use of the time in Prague for last call in Czech beers. I had eaten a filling breakfast a few hours before at Clarion Prague City.

PRG MasterCard lounge-1

Terminal 1 Prague Airport is for flights going outside the Schengen zone.

PRG MasterCard-2

The MasterCard lounge seemed comfortable and uncrowded with a better selection of beer than I found in the other Prague Airport lounge available to me as AAdvantage Platinum elite/Oneworld Sapphire flyer.

PRG MasterCard-5

Cold Budvar/Budweiser in the lounge cooler.

One of the oddities of Czech Budweiser is the beer is a Czech brewed beer completely unrelated to Anheuser-Busch Budweiser. The Czech government owns Budejovicky Budvar and maintains the trademark name Budweiser in Czech Republic.

Time Magazine – Where a Budweiser Isn’t Allowed to Be a Budweiser: The guerrilla war on the world’s largest brewer has its roots in 1939.

PRG MasterCard-4 PRG MasterCard-6

The beer on the left is Budvar Strong at 7.5% ABV. That beer was a bit too strong for me in the morning. I preferred the regular 5% ABV style.

After a couple of beers the ground fog deepened in Prague as did the fog in my mind.

PRG MasterCard-7

I ended up losing my lounge time in LHR with about a 75 minute flight arrival delay. No problem given the better beer in Prague Airport’s Terminal 1 MasterCard Lounge.

My farewell to Prague was “This Czech Bud’s for me’ on the completion of a well-planned and smoothly run two-week trip to Prague, Nice, Monaco, Athens, Sofia and Plovdiv.



  • bluecat November 4, 2017

    “….the completion of a well-planned and smoothly run two-week trip …”

    Congrats to you on this. I too stop and take a little pride in my planning (and say a small thank you to the Luck gods) when all things work out well at the end of a trip!

  • Scott November 4, 2017

    Certainly the better lounge in Prague. I’ve had trouble the past few times trying to gain access to the mastercard lounge in Prague because the AAdvantage card says “Platinum” and they don’t realize it is, in fact, world elite. Even when showing the clear logo on the back. Sometimes they let me go ahead with my guest, other times they turn me away.

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